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Monday, September 24, 2007

tapping the leader in me

Developing the Leader Within You examines the differences between leadership styles and outlines principles for inspiring, motivating and influencing others. It shows that leaders and managers are not one and the same. While leaders may be effective managers, not all managers can be truthfully called leaders. Managers who are leaders inspire, motivate, and energize people with their visions and strategies toward a common goal. Meanwhile, mainstream and conventional managers are oriented toward short terms and are more concerned with the daily activities. If I want to be a successful leader, I must develop vision, value, influence and motivation. These are among the characteristics that set leaders apart from managers. These traits can make me effective in the highest vocation of leadership with the promoted integrity, self-discipline and positive change. As a leader, I can become efficient at organizing, allocating, regulating and monitoring resources. With acquired and developed leadership traits, I can go beyond simple managing and start leading.
This is important in the light of the difficulty of leading today. While I may have the traits of a leader, it is hard to be one. I become responsible for many things. I am expected to ensure successes in various undertakings. I want to have the charisma to make others follow me. I want to see the importance of attitude, people, vision and self-discipline. This goes beyond developing my own leadership ability. I likewise want to start developing others. I really do not have to have a big ego to be a leader. I know that I can demonstrate how I can start inspiring and motivating the people around me. I want to see how leaders can be influential. I likewise want to have the capability to gain followers. I do not just want to overestimate the lack of importance of many things. I want to have the efficiency in order to survive. I want to have the effectiveness to succeed. I want to realize my goals in order to be called successful. As in the book, I want to see 80% of my production coming from 20% of my priorities. My time and energy are best used when I channel them to my top priorities. I can learn to prioritize by asking myself what is required of me. I can also learn it by asking what gives me the greatest return for my effort. I can also learn this by asking what I find most rewarding. This is essential since I have the duties and obligations that will continue to pile up unless I know what things to take and how to approach them. Finally, I want to leave a mark instead of a scar.
The insights in the form of techniques are useful. Influence is a characteristic that define leadership qualities. Likewise, attitude makes a big difference. Positive change enhances integrity and self-discipline, too. Priorities, meanwhile, define my goals. Lastly, integrity and people develop my ties with others. As a starting leader, I benefit from these leadership levels. I understand the type of leader I am becoming. I am also shown how close I am to achieving this leadership. Knowing this, I recognize the obstacles that come in my path and think how I can clear them out of my way. I am helped how to set my priorities. I am likewise helped in checking my integrity. I learn how to start positive change. Lastly, I am helped how to become a problem solver.
In my studies, personal life and profession in the future, I can learn to be a leader. In my studies, I can lead by considering set priorities in my study habits. For example, I need to priorities the subjects that challenge me. If I can manage to get by in less difficult subjects, I will prioritize the more difficult ones. In this case, I can pass all subjects whether hard or relatively easy. In my personal life, I want to be charismatic. I deal with different people and I want to win most of them, if all is not possible. I want to be able to share something of myself in others. This can be possible if I see my influence in their lives. This holds true to my future life as a professional. I want to effect change in my career environment. This is possible if I can help develop my colleagues. When their leadership potential is awakened, there will be many leaders in our midst. This ensures the success of our business undertakings.
The various points I mentioned above may be started today in order to begin leadership. I intend to be more than a manager by starting to be a leader now. This can be done in my home where I can influence my family and in my school where I can influence my classmates. Change can happen when I start tapping the leader in me.

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