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Saturday, September 08, 2007

becoming a better friend

Making Friends is about improving my relationships with my fellow humans. I relate to many people in many ways, every time. I relate to my parents and siblings everyday. I ask my parents how they do after work. They tell me that they are doing fine. In return, they ask me how schooling is. I reply that school is tough but I am surviving. I bond with my siblings especially if they have games. I watch and support them like a real friend does. Whenever inside the school, I relate to classmates. I join them for group studies or meriendas. I offer insights and possible solutions to problems. Light times will see me sharing jokes with them. In various places, including the Internet, I relate to friends who go to some other school. I compare notes with them. Often, we provide one another with advice or updates about our lives. All these relationships take a routine. Upon reading the book, I realized that there is still a chance to improve the already good relationships I have. I read that I can be a more capable friend to my family and friends.
Even as human relationships can be complex, I read that there are ways to grow in these relationships. This insight assures that there is always a room for improvement. While already good, my relationship with my family can still improve. I am thinking that with proper planning, I can give more quality time with them. The truth is that I am responsible for creating this improvement. There is something wrong with my time management if I cannot find enough quality time for my family during Sundays. I realized that it is actually easy to achieve what I want. I want to spend more time with my family. I want to bond with them during Sundays without me sacrificing my time for studies. Therefore, time management is worth all these troubles. This improvement is important because I only have one family. I cannot take chances when I have so much time but it is they who are not around anymore. I want to become closer with my family. It is possible when the change begins with me.
This insight makes the book important. If I want to have more friends, I have to become a friend. If I want to bond greater with my family, I have to make way for it. As I see it, this insight tells me that I have more control of myself. This being the case, the change within me makes possible for an improved relationship with others. I should aspire to become a better person in order to win others to my side. Becoming a better friend wins to my side my family and friends. I have more of myself to share to them. A change in me in time management or setting of priorities highlights my self-improvement. Only when I show complete rule over myself will others be convinced that I deserve to have them as friends. If this becomes visible to people I relate with, I will make more friends than I can imagine.
I can make friends in school, personal life and my professional life if the change starts within me. In school, I must be able to show that time is essential for me. I should not waste time which can be used for studies. Showing this to classmates will give them the impression that I can be a good influence. I will be able to carry the message that a friend that’s me cannot be a bad influence to them. In my personal life, I must show that I am always for self-improvement. There is no room for the steady in me. I aspire to get better from time to time. As other persons relate with me, I must show that I can influence them positively. This can be done if I do not just give up on problems easily. This can also be done if I pursue my ambition as planned. Through the many ways of self-improvement, my personal life can garner more friends. At work, I can soon show that I have a plan of action. If that does not work, I have an alternative plan. If both fail, I should not fear to try again. If I show to colleagues that I am strong enough to face challenges, I will win friends. It all starts within me.
Making friends can work anytime in any place. Relating to people is done in my waking hours. Therefore, if I am not alone, I can relate to anyone whether I am in school, home or wherever people are close to me. Being alone gives me the opportunity to think what improvements I can do to myself. I can plan ways to follow in becoming a better person. Being capable of mastering my time and my life will already win for me friends without seeking for them anywhere. It helps too to befriend them as I move along in life. I can befriend many people in my school. Visitors in my house can become friends also. Gatherings are a good source of making friends too. Where and when these opportunities appear, I get to bring out the friend in me.

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