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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ode to the little gapanese

my world literature class' best performing twin students gifted me with a photo frame with a wonderful poem in tow. it was among the great surprises i received this holiday season. read on the edited version of the piece:
Ode to the Little Gapanese
I've been hearing songs, poems, odes
some writers write using their code
to keep their readers bewildering.
To whom are their arts dedicated?
Why are they exhilarating?
This one is written for the man
who teaches me well; he knows many things
and he shares them in the way he can.
With him is his amiability kit;
he makes me believe him for he stands
with wit.
I wish that I've constructed it right
so like any other art, it would endure
with its own sagacious might.
For my addressee is my superb editor:
when I give it to him, that's the only time
he could examine its core.
I sometimes seem delicate, timid and silent,
But he teaches me to carry on
and not to dwell on my weakness.
I am too ideal to be true while he's a real postmodernist.
This, with piety, this ode is for him,
the only Little Gapanese.
Need i say more than what my flipping hair can?

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  1. may pinagmanahan...

    well well well!

    gusto rin kitang maging teachr sir cesar...