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Friday, January 25, 2008

the filipino youth in this tumultuous time

Our country seems forever plagued by political unrest and economic crisis. As of present, the Philippine President is being asked to resign in order to save the country from further downfall. Obviously harmed by the above problems, different sectors of the society are divided over whether the President should stay or go away, and the youth of whom I am a legitimate part are also directly affected, so where is the Y-Generation at this political crossroad?
As always, I and my fellow youth cannot remain neutral because we have a hand in choosing the direction our country will go. The current affairs may be dismal, but we youth react to it by describing it as an opportune time for a revolution. The ’86 generation of youth participated actively in deposing a dictator in the First People Power. The cellular phone on our hands is tucked there for more reasons than the usual, and we may just replicate what we did in the Second People Power—getting mobilized through the amazing text messaging. At best, we cannot let the interesting times fly away as we sleep comfortably, because we are not a useless bunch of brats but a powerful force in shaping our country’s history.
For most of us, the best solution the youth can do is to be always vigilant as social developments unfold. I see some of my colleagues rallying on the streets or formulating analysis of the situation—the rest of us cannot remain silent. If it helps to interpret the constitution in EDSA yet again, the youth will be there. The youth before did just that when they deem the congress paralyzed; we will do it in that forum or someplace else should necessity arise.
The greatest contribution of the Filipino youth in these moments is helping paddle the boat of this nation. After all, should the boat sink or get lost in the middle of nowhere, we are all doomed. The future indeed lies in our hands, and we do not refer to our cellphones only. The shaping of the Philippines’ future is happening now, and we cannot wait for our youth to vanish to do our civil obligation—to be forever involved at the costs.

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