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Sunday, August 05, 2007

the principles of habit forming

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens is, well, about the principles of highly effective teens. It hopes to empower young people like me. It informs me that I have an option about the manner I behave. I can choose to behave positively. I can also choose to behave negatively. To be empowered, I need to follow the positive habits. The book explains that four resources inside me can help improve my life. The following resources include self-awareness, conscience, imagination and willpower. Self-awareness can be my resource since only I know what I need and what requirements are there to fulfill these needs. Conscience can be a resource too since it tells me not to do bad things so it will remain silent. Imagination can also be my resource since it allows me to have a vision of myself in the future. Willpower is my last resource since determination can realize what I imagine myself as. By polishing these resources, I can find life more enjoyable and more fulfilling for me and for people around me.
This book is important for showing the two types of people in the world. These two types are the proactive and the reactive. The proactive carry accountability in life. They also make things happen. Meanwhile, the reactive blame other people. Things happen to them instead of the other way around. Of course, I want to be proactive. However, I cannot control everything that happens in my life. For example, I want to be a proactive student and do assignments in advance. Nonetheless, the recent blackouts rendered my home Internet busted. Because of that, I cannot research conveniently using online libraries. I want to study but the difficulty of the effects of blackout is beyond my manipulation. Despite this, I know one thing which I can control. This has to do with the way we respond to the things that happen around me. The inconvenience of blackout may be away from my control, but I can respond positively. For one, I can do my assignment using manual notes. I can also study something else that does not need online sources.
The seven-habit principles may be applied to many issues encountered by young people like me. They try to offer a specific philosophy of life that makes me see myself as agent of my own life. This is pointed out clearly by Habit 1. It says that I am responsible of my own life. They also provide me ways for leading my life. This is pointed out clearly by Habit 2. It says that I must define my life's mission and goals. They also offer me steps needed to fulfill this ideal life. This is pointed out clearly by Habit 3. It says that I should consider the most important things as top priority. Not only that, they also want me to have a win-win solution. This is pointed out clearly in Habit 4. It says that I must possess an attitude wherein everybody can win. They also promote an environment of understanding. This is pointed out clearly in Habit 5. It says that I should listen to people sincerely in order to be listened to sincerely in return. They also promote synergy. This is pointed clearly in Habit 6. It says that working together makes me and my fellow youth achieve more. They also encourage continuous learning. This is pointed out clearly in Habit 7. It says that I must enable myself to renew regularly through reading and the like. All these habits reassure me with my terrible experiences that describe my youth. Often, I am faced with problems in school or home which sow so much fear. I feel alone when, for instance, I get one of the lowest scores in a test. I could see that my parents would not like this performance from me. Since I am responsible for my own life, I respond optimistically. I resolve to perform well the next test. This way, I can offset the low score. I also avoid harming myself by not having to dwell on making mistakes. After all, imperfection is beyond my control. I can only promise (and fulfill the same) to do well first chance there is a test.
These habits will help me as a student especially because my course is an option I made for my future. Whatever happens today as a result of the way I lead my life and the things beyond my grasp, they will reflect on my future. I want these habits to make me highly effective so that my studies will produce good results in my future as a professional. If I live positively today as a student, it is likely to be carried over when I hopefully become a corporate executive. These habits will also help my personal life because all life-changing decisions entail pressure and fear. Hence, the habits can fight the likeliness of negative behavior. I can see life in an optimistic way. I can respond even to matters beyond my control. They encourage me to reflect on the idea of what life I would like to have. Since now I am still teenage-like, I see myself as capable of shaping a life in sound contact with people around me. If I need to be understood for my quarter-life crises from school angst to spurned crushes, I must understand others first.
When and where may i apply these seven habits? The school and the home are two places I can help shape my life in. Today is the best opportunity to mold this life according to the priorities I have and the positive attitude I show.

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