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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

following my heart

Following your Heart is about grand things like doing what I love, finding peace of my mind, discovering my own power and dealing with disasters as well as specific things like dealing with bills and broken legs and not blaming my mother. These classifications are useful, since I find purpose in life and work both grand and specific. Discussing the performance of deeds I love most is worthy since I become my own habits. The things I love doing form my character, in other words. Likewise, discussing the search for peace of mind is worthy since it is the fulfillment of my life’s and work’s purpose. When I achieve my purpose’ end, I gain inner peace. Discussing the discovery of my power is worthy since this potential can help me achieve self-realization. When I realize what I want to become, I achieve self-actualization. Discussing the means to cope with disasters is worthy since these distract me from my focus. I must be able to deal with them so that my concentration on my life plan will not be disturbed. Discussing the means to cope with bills and broken legs is worthy since they form life’s realities. These realities keep me grounded that I am vulnerable to pain as well as problems. As the book stresses, my life is not without problems. Nonetheless, it also advises to get me excited into finding solutions to these problems. Pain is a staple in my life, too. Nonetheless, the entertaining and lighthearted way in which the book is written suggests that my pain may be eased. If pain becomes unbearable, it does not suit to blame my mother. Instead, I may be proactive and even use my mother to inspire myself in getting going, pain notwithstanding.
The book is important for putting forth ten major concepts. These concepts include the world as teacher with me being here to learn lessons. I believe that I am not a natural accident. I was born so I can become somebody. That somebody is my future as a business professional. I am now in school studying theoretical lessons for this future. When the right time comes, I will join the greater school of the society where the world will teach me to practice my learned theories. These concepts likewise include the universe having no favorite. The honest-to-goodness rich are rich because they worked for it. It is not as if the universe blessed them and did not bless the poor. Hence, it depends on me if I get to become rich. I will have to work for it since I, like others, will never be the universe’ favorite. These concepts also include my life as a perfect reflection of my beliefs. Since I believe I am not a loser, I have the capacity for improvement. My life, then, is geared toward development because I believe in giving way to change. These concepts also include the expansion of my focus in life. My focus is on finishing my studies. As much as possible, I do not permit distractions on my studies. This is to ensure that my plan is fulfilled at the right way and right timing. Even outside school, my focus expands so that even at home, I have little distractions on my studies. These concepts also include permitting myself to succeed. No one else can bring my success except myself. Therefore, I am solely responsible for my success and even my failure. If I become the business professional I ought to be, it is through my own doing. These concepts finally include the mission of changing myself instead of the world. I have better control of myself than of my environment. Therefore, I should focus on changing myself. I let this resonate so others may do the same and contribute a bit to world change. My changed self can be a small inspiration to a grand scheme such as transforming the world.
These insights are essential since I tend to see life as complex. Because of this, I consider a complicated way of finding purpose in it. These insights prove me wrong. Following my heart is enough to simplify this living. It entails making life a little less complicated, really. Keeping distractions from poisoning my plan can make life simpler. Keeping my focus can likewise make life simpler. Allowing growth to happen can make life simpler by lessening the pain involved. If I follow my heart, it can lead me to my simplified life’s happiness.
I can use these insights in school, personal life and my future in many ways. In school, the world is already teaching me the theories I need when I get out. I will only have to apply them when I join the world in its class. This is my mission: to study inside the school in order to use my lessons inside the society. In my personal life, I can use these insights in bringing myself to success. I will bear in mind that my success or failure lies in my own hand. Therefore, I have to make instead of break my chances by following my heart: study, focus, and keep distractions away. In my future, these insights are applicable when I run my own business. I cannot rely on the luck present in the universe. If ever luck were true, it should be within me. Then again, it cannot be luck, for it is strategy. My success depends on how effective my strategy is in succeeding.
While in the middle of things in school, at home or anywhere else, I can already apply these insights. The book says that I can never tell myself, “I cannot relax and enjoy until…” Hence, even as I write now, here in my study desk, I can enjoy the process of following my heart before I can hopefully enjoy my action’s outcome.

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