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Friday, August 31, 2007

happiness becomes me

The book is about understanding myself, being able to forgive myself, being able to laugh at myself and being successful. The first three have been discussed according to natural laws. These laws make me understand and better deal with my own nature. I am able to understand that I may have good points, but I have shortcomings too. This is not just about schooling wherein I get nice grades for studying hard for some subjects while moderate for some. I understand myself in that I try to become a good child to my parents, but fall short sometimes. I realize that I’m an imperfect human, but I can always try to lessen the imperfection. For this, I learn to forgive myself. With this forgiveness comes the desire to continue to lessen imperfection in my school and family dealings. It is a difficult task, especially because no one achieves perfection. It cannot make me unhappy, nevertheless. In fact, I also learn to laugh at myself. Being able to do that makes the situation lighter. I am not made to feel pressured about becoming a perfect student or a perfect child. I laugh at the fact that I just don’t give up on myself. I become happy that I fall short on perfection, but get up to continue the course. Not everyone has the courage to do that. Others may run away, whereas I go on. I credit this for whatever success I have attained so far. I am successful at the formula of trying, for one. I am positive that my next attempts to be a better student and person will yield positive results. It is far from perfect, but self-encouragement is not bad. I even consider it a taste of success to have the heart despite initially losing.
The book is important for the chapters that give insights about myself and my abilities. The first chapter deals with my self-image. It tells that the better I treat myself, the better will others treat me. The next deals with my happiness, depression and humor. It tells that whether I am happy or I am sad, it is laughter that gives my best medicine. The third chapter deals with my thoughts, words and thanksgiving. It tells that my imagination is more essential than knowledge. What I think of, using the power of words, can transform my immediate environment of friends and family. The next deals with my capacity to take risks, to set goals and to commit. It tells that I get what I deserve. If I learn to face my problems, I may find out their solution. If I do not, solutions may not appear clear at all. My set goals and commitment to attain them show that I am taking a step forward toward perfection. My attempt in itself is rewarded because I get repaid through my improved self-encouragement. The fifth chapter deals with nature, learning and changes. It tells that my activity will shield me from getting the biggest pain. I do not suffer in misery because I move on without dwelling on my setbacks. The next deals with the point of my beginning. It tells that what I do, act and am today influence the person I will become in the future.
All these insights are important because right now, I am in the midst of a personal formation. I am still young and many people and ideas shape me into adulthood. These insights give me a chance to see myself and my capacities at a better angle. The things I learn and can do to myself and my surroundings contribute to my attempt at perfection. The effort to maintain a study habit, the effort to respect my family, the bravery despite problems—all these mold me into less imperfection. As a result, I do not become completely flawless. However, I understand myself better, I remain happy despite shortcomings, I gain little successes. Maybe this is even better than perfection, which may create boredom.
All these insights may be used in my student life, personal life and professional life in various ways. As a student, I always gather knowledge in school. For me, I should be able to apply this knowledge. There is no use at being able to memorize the theories without application. Hence, good grades or not, I should be happy to learn. In my personal life, I should create a positive self-image. My current abilities like befriending others and staying positive make me feel good about myself. I love myself, and that is why others get to love me too. Continuing this good self-image helps me achieve les imperfection. In my professional life, I must be able to take risks. This is especially true to businesses which I hope to find myself soon. Risking in the belief that I will eventually get repaid helps me to have less fear. It also brings out my faith in being able to deliver. This self-trust will help me attain professional maturity.
Now is the perfect time to be happy about everything that becomes me. It is not yet too late because I realized this while still young and learning. I may be able to apply the insights I learned in any place, from home to school. After all, happiness exists in believers’ imagination.

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