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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

dealing successfully with quarter-life

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens is about a set of proven strategies to deal successfully with teenage life. There are seven essential traits that may create happy and successful young person in me. Habits 1, 2 and 3 deal with the art of mastering myself. This self-mastery is also called “Private Victory.” I have to have self-consciousness before I can understand things outside my person. If I know myself already, I can sympathize with other's insecurities and anxieties. Habits 4, 5 and 6 deal with teamwork and relationships. This outside connection is called “Public Victory.” I must form team spirit and oneness in a group. If I relate to others, I can show them the way to happiness. Habit 7, the last habit, is the habit of renewal. All other six habits draws from this habit. Everything in my life follows a semblance of newness. As such, I must be prepared to see what solutions to new problems are. I must also be aware of new conflicts that will arise. In this, I must be alert in managing the situation. The solutions and the managerial capacity are old ideas coated in fresh forms. The habit of renewal makes this reformation possible.
This book is especially important in my world today. Out there is a dark cave. It takes tough choices to brave the darkness. Peer pressure to get inside is high. Personal insecurities dishearten me. I grow anxious about what others think of me. Since the world today is rather unfriendly, the book is right in coming along. The alternatives I choose will define what kind of person I will turn into. My peers should be motivated in having us help one another to triumph over a problem. I must have a positive response to my personal insecurities. Instead of getting anxious, I must draw something positive from the opnions of others. All other negative feelings I may have like depression, inferiority, envy of others' success are addressed by the book. It offers an outline for improving my self-image, building my friendships, opposing peer pressure, attaining goals, developing communication, among others.
The insights are important in that the habits build upon each other. When I become proactive, I become responsible. Having responsibility, I begin to decide what my goals are. Having set my goals, I set my priorities next. Having prioritized, I will hold any activity in a positive light. Thinking of a win-win solution, I will understand why people do what they do. Having been emphatic, I will tend to work with others. Having cooperated, I will renew my activity regularly. These habits may be applied in terms of reading. Reading takes up so much time in my schooling. Sometimes, it occurs to me that I have more to read than time to do so. Due to this, I have to be a proactive reader. In order to learn, I hold myself accountable. I have to have responsibility in reading because this will help me get through my learning activities. Most of my classes involve reading, so I find reading extremely useful. My goal then is to read in such a way that I will learn the most from it than any other activity. I will read so that I will be familiar with our lessons. I will do that also in order not to be caught unprepared. My priority now is on devoting more time to reading for learning. This means maximizing my reading time even inside the car going home or while waiting for class to start. Reading for learning gives consolation in terms of higher chances of getting grades in tests, or of understanding the lesson. Reaping the benefits of reading, I understand why our professors make us read. I also understand why people engage in reading. Knowing all these, I may ask others to engage in reading too. This way, I will not be the only one to benefit from my activity. Others may benefit from reading too. We can hold reading groups. If that already works, I can renew reading anytime.
Students like me need habits like these because it improves my performance. It helps me develop self-control, self-esteem, goal setting and character building. This also holds true to my personal life. The behavioral change from inside out reduces conflicts in me. I also enhance my cooperation and teamwork among my fellow young people, family and teachers. I learn to cope with pressures and panic. With goals and positive attitude, I feel that I am in full control. This is important since I want to concentrate on the things within my control. In that case, I can puruse a life that will eventually lead me to my future goal of becoming a business professional. These habits serve as my coping mechanism in order to face the problems of my future profession.
My school, my home and in places I deal people with are the venues in which I can put the habits into practice. All people there can be my own self's companion in developing my self-mastery and my cooperation with others. Now is the ideal time to form these habits so that I can start off with becoming highly effective.

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