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Saturday, August 11, 2007

letting my heart take the lead

Following Your Heart is about finding purpose in my life and work in a simple and practical way. Indeed, I have designed my life and work purposefully. However, I did not know there is a simpler and more practical way of doing such until I read the book.
The simplicity and practicality of this guiding book make it especially important. It shows how happy individuals think. It also shows why rich people make money even beyond purpose. It further shows what losers do and how I will not to turn into one of them. In all these, change figures. Happy individuals think that things will get better if these initially turn out bad. They change their negative way of thinking. They become optimistic, that’s why they are happy. This change in thinking is important for me because it is the key in making me happy. Similarly, rich people earn more money because they set trends. Once a strategy succeeds, they do not fear taking risks in adapting a new one. As a result of this adaptation, they rake in more money. This change in technique is important for me because it can potentially enrich me. Finally, losers are stubborn regarding change. In consequence, they hardly move upward. While they can succeed in life, they freely choose to be stuck. This is crucial because the book claims that losers, too, can not be stuck. However, they chose to be stuck like trees. The capacity of movement is important for me because I want to go places. With movement, I can experience many things. These things will contribute to my learning. Instead of a loser, I want to be a winner by going places and becoming wiser through experiences.
The insight regarding change is helpful because it is the book’s recurring theme. I observed that the book covers a wide range of topics. However, change covers most of them. It is emphasized because the world is governed by change. Indeed, winter turns to spring, then turns to summer. Tides rise and fall. Inflation fluctuates and employment follows a cycle of being hired and being fired. Hence, the insight of adaptability is stressed because it can improve me. I cannot imagine myself remaining a baby all throughout my life. I cannot crawl and cry for help forever. I need change because it can make me a better person. This change involves the heart because figuratively, it is the seat of my emotions. What I feel is best for me, I desire to pursue it. My heart will lead me into it. Thus, I will follow my heart. What I feel best for myself often involves changes so I will not settle for the next best. In that case, I need a change of heart so I can follow it freely and succeed ultimately.
This change of heart in pursuing my personal best can help me as a student, in my personal life, and in my future as a professional. As a student, I deal with different professors with diverse personalities. It helps to be well rounded in all subjects under them. This way, I can adapt to the change that happens every time I change professors. Their approach on their respective subjects varies, so I must be adaptable. My heart says that my studies will fare better if I do this. Hence, this is what I follow. Also, my personal life may benefit from this change. As in the above example, I deal with different persons inside and outside the school. Some persons are uptight, while some are quirky. Others are jolly, while others take life seriously. I meet people who are studious, and meet people who are the life of the party. In all these people I deal with, I need flexibility. I desire to have people who can help me grow with experience. If I get stuck with the same mold of people, there will be little learning. Hence, it helps to have varieties of persons to encounter. I need to be flexible, then, to last these encounters with them. Thus, I should follow my heart in its desire to be flexible with people in my personal life. Finally, change should figure in my future profession too. My course leads to a future in business. Hence, dealing with differently tempered clients cannot be escaped. It helps to allow change in my profession since it can enrich me. The formula of treating business deals like friendships works, too. Clients are like friends that I must care for. They should benefit from our business setup as I do. With their variety in attitudes, it pays to be adaptable. More clients spell better career. This way, I can have a fulfilling career not only financially but also personally.
Following an adaptable heart can be done in any place at any time. It may be done in school where I deal with my classmates, professors and friends. It may also be done at home where I deal with my family. Most of my time is divided in these two places, so whenever I am in school and at home, I can allow for change.

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