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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

getting the right attitude

The Winning Attitude is about lessons from actual experiences which show me how to determine and achieve the winning attitude for me to overcome my life’s problems, convince people and make opportunities out of difficulties.This winning attitude is especially important because my life is not immune from problems. I often encounter problems in school, home or anywhere. For example, it becomes a problem for me if no one is readily available to drive me home from school. Either my parents are busy with their respective works, or my brother is staying late in his own school. Much as I like to take public transport, my family does not approve it. Riding a taxi or a jeep is perceived to be too risky for someone like me. Moreover, I am the only one from my circle of friends living in my area. Thus, no one can hitch me a ride home. Waiting for my family ride is so far the best option available. Even then, it is something that does not satisfyingly solve the problem of spending time on waiting. Since time is precious, it is wise to spend it in worthwhile tasks. The winning attitude taught me that it is wise to do just that. Therefore, while waiting for the car’s arrival, I can read lecture notes in advance. I can also stay in the computer lab and do my assignments online. I can also hang around the library where I can access books needed in class. This is an important insight shared by the winning attitude: maximize time whenever and wherever possible.The insight of the winning attitude is important. It is already great to discover my winning attitude. Moreover, it is great to experience the big difference it makes. Having a winning attitude saves me a lot of trouble. From my experience mentioned above, the winning attitude can develop my patience. For example, I can insist to take a public ride. Because of impatience, I may be exposed to untoward happenings like holdup or street pollution. Of course, I can get home safely even when using public transport. However, riding it does not lessen the risks of exposure to crime or pollution. In fact, it increases them. Meanwhile, being patient can leave nothing to chances. Patience being a virtue is now more relevant to my personal experience. Furthermore, the winning attitude can help me with my personal time management. Waiting does not necessarily have to be wasting. I cannot afford to lose my cool, which is a losing attitude. Hence, I better do any of the worthwhile tasks I mentioned above. I can also do other tasks aside from these. I can update my schedule organizer. I can also write on my journal. Maximizing my time teaches me to value it.The differences listed above are helpful in my studies and personal life today, and professional life soon. Above, I have already mentioned two ways how to have a winning attitude regarding time. In my personal life, winning attitude can be contagious. My positive outlook can influence my circle of friends. For example, my meeting with someone got cancelled at the last minute. Despite this event, I should not get frustrated. My winning attitude should tell me to follow an alternative plan. If the meeting does not push through, I can use my time off. I can tell my friends we can bond instead. Those who are available will learn what caused the sudden bonding time. When they do, they discover that an alternative can be turned up from a cancelled plan. My personal life will then be more meaningful. This is because I have been able to influence people to a shift in attitude. In my professional life, there are also differences my winning attitude can make. For example, if business sales do not perform well, I should not be saddened. This only worsens the problem. I will age suddenly, which I do not want to happen too quickly. Instead of worrying, I should broaden my thinking. Maybe sales do not perform well in specific months such as these. Maybe the economy is just as slow. After pointing out where the problem lies, time to be optimistic. I can hope for sales to perform the next months. I can also work double-time to make up for the previous months’ loss. I can also change strategy that I think will work to increase sales. Whatever I do, it should be a positive reaction to the problem. This way, the threat actually becomes an opportunity.My winning attitude can be shown each time problems arise. This is because a positive way of reacting to problems can turn them into opportunities. Problems arise in school and at home. Hence, these places should be where I shift to a positive thinking. When and where winning attitude shows, my life gets better options and chances.

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