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Monday, January 26, 2009

the uneventful in the eventful

the chinese have just greeted the year of the earth ox and the day coincided with an ominous annular solar eclipse. as a teenager, i got so fascinated with eclipses that i wrote a paper about eclipses for my senior paper. however, for the superstitious in our midst, the celebrating chinese especially, there is nothing fascinating about these celestial phenomena because they are supposed to bring bad luck. imagine the life-giving sun being unable to do as it naturally does just because of a sudden dimming: that must be a cue to some calamitous happenings from war to famine to floods.
in the face of these spectacular events, a weird feeling bedeviled me for most of the day. i lacked sleep last night, but i managed to be in the office early enough to bring the gift delicacy of tikoy for refrigeration in the mutineers' secret meeting place. i didn't get to see louie in his ate's kiosk, although i would relish his awesome smile later in the day. not long after, kenneth warned me and rr that a memo has been issued yet again, although the content said that a laguna party for employees is in the offing, not the usual grammar-mangled threats of insubordination charge. i immediately declined to join the outing, knowing that the interpreters of maladies will be around to ruin my moment. also, my colleagues' original plan to go undertime to conduct jobhunting didn't push through, so another setback in my career move paralyzed me temporarily. it didn't help that at the time the moon appeared to block the sun's disk in my vantage point in the big city, clouds have rendered the apparition invisible.
i could not figure exactly what's eating me, so i just slept early and missed replying to twenty-five texters (including my ex, TY, N and louie) from 7 p.m. onwards. maybe the morning after would prove better, since there are no more penumbral shadows to wait the passing of nor evil spirits to frighten with firecrackers. since tomorrow is just another day, i hoped that the dancing dragon of the new year would have already chased the demons away instead of gorging the sun of my mind forever, denying me my luck and obscuring my sanity.

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