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Saturday, January 03, 2009

on family ties and in her shoes

Curtis Hanson’s In Her Shoes (20th Century Fox, 2005) is the story of two sisters whor are disparate in so many ways: the character of Toni Collette is a lawyer who is a hopeless romantic deep inside while that of Cameron Diaz is the obscure starlet who dreams of hitting it big in fame and fortune. Other than their genes, they also share the similar shoe size, but they are ultimately intertwined by family values as they learn to bond as sisters.
After seeing the film, I realized that no matter how different my family and I are from each other, we are always linked by special clan ties. It is already hard to deal with people outside the domestic sphere—how much more with one’s own kin whom one shares a room with, does house chores with, connects with in times of domestic troubles and bliss? The film was able to show the universal appeal of blood being thicker than water, and no matter what hardships embattles the family to rip it apart, one can only have one’s parents, brothers, sisters or, in the case of the Filipino experience, extended family members to turn to. At times, relationships can be contemptible, and I for one can only wish I were not part of my sometimes un-understanding family. However, at the end of the day, my family is the only foundation I can rely on, fair weather or not.

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