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Thursday, January 29, 2009

charlie green's hotter brother

When I went to Jel’s house, she was eager to show me less of child singing sensation Charlie Green than his hotter brother. Hotter brothers like the Kuya Troy of my ex Sam and the lawyer kuya of my tutees Melo and DJ never fail to remind me of Tagalog movies like Milagros and Tuhog. Anyway, I gathered that the boy, his English father and his Filipina mother had been interviewed by media rivals ABS-CBN-2 and GMA-7 and in the photos below, the trio was joined by the brother and by the members of the former presidential family for the rare press snapshots. The moment my eyes descended on the family picture of the Michael Buble version of Britain’s Got Talent, the Caucasian-looking hunk colonized my line of vision. I felt like dancing to Buble’s cover of “Fever!” What’s more, he was pictured next to my student’s bright uncle Jake, former President Joseph Estrada’s son. Choose who’s more smoldering.
P.S. Zazu imagines that Charlie Green belts out OPM classics like “Laguna,” “Tukso,” and “Sinta.” Interesting. Meanwhile, I imagine a conversation between the UK-born Charlie and Jake, who is currently studying in London. The British twang must have dominated the air.

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