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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

the academic mutineer

The year is starting right, eh? The last three days saw me visiting the obscure college' human resource department regarding my and four of my colleagues' absence during our Christmas party, among other issues. Apparently, we got the goat of the management after the receiving copy of a memo that had been passed around for signing appeared crumpled (how come the faculty copy reached the hrd office, some pencil sharpener must have most likely interceded). Hence, the issue has become blown out of proportion, without the need to. The following correspondence might seem interesting for readers for both the overt and covert contents (or the lack thereof) as well as the vast gulf separating the styles in which the letters were written. Why, I'm thinking of fictionalizing it soon because of the sheer hilarity of the situation. The following is the body of the memo I received, quoted verbatim:
Please be informed that you had (sic) failed to attend the Christmas party last December 23, 2008 without prior notification from (sic) the management. In this connection, you are advised to explain in writing within 24 hours why you should not charge of insubordination (sic).

This will serve as your Written Reprimand upon the receipt of this written notification. Failure to comply shall forfeit the right to be heard.
This is my response to my summoner regarding my failure to notify the management about my absence during the Christmas party:
In reiteration of my verbal explanation last January 6, 2009, I write to inform you that I hurriedly left Manila to take my two-week vacation in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. Owing to the relative isolation of that resort town, I did not get to contact the school via e-mail or mobile phone. Hence, a charge of insubordination is not necessary.
While we are at the subject, you may want to review whether insubordination is the appropriate disciplinary charge for a considerably minor incident. I and my colleagues are prevented from doing the review ourselves due to the invisibility and inaccessibility of a faculty handbook, the textual proof on which your penalizing interpretation was based. I deem the non-attendance way too incomparable to, say, the deliberate disobedience to a superior’s order. It likewise vigorously implies that attendance to said party is compulsory. While I understand that I had earlier signified my motive to be present through my signature on the attendance sheet, I indeed intended to go in order to celebrate the Christmas spirit with this institutional family. The opportunity to spend the holidays out of town and for free, however, got in the way. It is solely for this overlooked notification that I feel sorry.
Belated Happy New Year, Senator Trillanes and Edsa Revolutionaries!

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