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Friday, February 01, 2008

english: a bridge between cultures and countries

Language is a vital unifying power, and English has put itself in such a strategic position to become the leading global tongue. Because English language has emerged as the premier medium of communication worldwide, its instrumentality exceeded its original purpose as tool for imperialism and neocolonialism by the West, and blossomed into a readily-accessible means to the great expanse of knowledge otherwise inaccessible through our and some other countries’ languages or dialects. This access by English-utilizing nations helps them attain material, social and cultural progress that potentially develops independent nations.
This mediation by the English language can also be seen as a link between civilizations and countries. The rapidly globalizing world resembles a quilt of cultural and national differences, possibly interwoven by a thread—the English language—to keep itself intact and to continue to celebrate unity in diversity. When pictures and signs do not suffice, the world can rely on the use of English in order to explain and gain greater comprehension of phenomena. Medical, educational, scientific and other discoveries written in English or with English translation become meaningful and readily useable because they are easily understandable to the world. Films with English subtitles are better perceived and appreciated by interracial yet English-knowledgeable audience. The cultural sphere is painted by many colors, almost alien if not lent with the ease of the English language, in which case the many-splendored cultures of the globe get a relative recognition by each other—by description, illustration, and examples— even at their differences and presence of foreign elements.
Ties are created among nations most commonly when English intercedes for them. Geographic and cultural boundaries may pose a problem to their bonding, but diplomacy usually conducted with English as medium somehow dissolves this odd. Because of the link performed by English internationally, memoranda of agreement and many similar acts of covenant unite the planet. In United Nations as in the rest of the world, English plays a major role in making things happen among countries, from promotion of world peace and solidarity, closing of corporate deals, expansion of jobs, teaching in colleges and universities, practice of professions to enrichment of science and technology.
The role English plays in becoming a bridge among cultures and nations is extremely essential in the world’s attempt to be united despite its diversity. This leading language is doing the favor of possibly making the people understand and appreciate the beauty of each other’s civilization and country. With English, every culture and country can put forth a bridge to one another to achieve a sense of aesthetics and oneness, realizing that in all the world’s separation, the crisscrossing bridge that is English holds an undivided community.

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