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Thursday, February 07, 2008

sociological views on child labor

According to Structural-Functional Approach, child labor is an integral part of the complex social system promoting solidarity and economic stability in its process of working with other ideologies. For prematurely employed children in most developing countries, their labor is the social function expected of them by the social structure of industry. The abusive nature of child labor is ignored in the light of its operation that stabilizes and organizes the society. The inequality spawned by the depriving characteristics of child labor is tolerated in consideration of the contribution made by minors to the family economics and orderly society.
According to Social-Conflict Approach, child labor is a social inequality that generates conflict. The class and age factors of children engaged in labor are investigated to show how these factors interrelate to the Marxist critique of unequal distribution of money, power, and education between minors and adults. As an exploitative practice, child labor is analyzed by this approach as to the emanating conflicts between the advantaged and moneyed/capitalist adults, and the disadvantaged and incommensurately paid, often overworked minors. The certain social patterns favoring the adults at the expense of working children, beyond producing conflicts, beg to generate change through abolishment of child labor or government’s subsidy on the minors’ family and education.
According to the Symbolic-Interaction Approach, the micro-level orientation in which child labor is situated show the social interaction between working minors and adults. As children work side-by-side with and/or for adults, the former produce the society by way of their mutual contact with the latter. Also, their interaction with adults is a way for these children to fulfill their duty towards them. Finally, child labor is assumed to determine the future men and women that these children are as they exist in a world where their exploitation is euphemistically defined as child labor.

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