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Thursday, June 28, 2007

how insights can alter life

The book tells how identifying insights may correct my unrealistic concepts and interpretations in order to enjoy life fully. It is considerable that my distorted thoughts lead to the negative manner in which I see my life, but the book offers a positive vision about myself. If I must change and grow to human fullness, I should have this vision and work persistently to rearrange the wrong and erase negativities. Instead of being preoccupied with going wrong, I should focus on going right to lead me to a life of fullness. Once these are fulfilled, I will feel more alive and more human.
The book is especially meaningful in that it shows how my growth can start from within to approximate even the farthest entity that is God. If I do away from misconceptions of reality (which influence my behavior) and begin perceiving life in a new vision, I will have healthier states of emotion and mind. With a new way of seeing and thinking, my personal soundness will resonate in my immediate environment to affect others in my community. After my personal and social well-adjustment, my envisioned self will become aware of my spiritual well-being in order to touch God, the Supreme Maker. With aspects of my life experiencing meaningfulness, I am not far from having a purpose-driven life.
The things that the book shows are essential in that if things happen within my body, then I have full control of it. I see that my mind has a way of redressing the errors it creates because of its own judgments. If I have a better evaluation of the real, then I may be open to change. The book points this out: that the way I will turn out depends on my own hands. I may remain a pessimist and live miserably, or opt to change and witness a new world unfolding before me. If I succeed in creating this vision therapy, I have a greater chance of living my life more humanly and more meaningfully. This is important because humans desire to be happy, but not all can be. The book assures that among other people, it is possible with me.
A vision full of insights into a fulfilled life may help me as a student now, as a person, and as a professional in the future. First, eliminating misconceptions in my life will lessen the clutter of my life as a student. It is already enough that my subjects are difficult and so, it will become doubly hard for me if I take this fact negatively. Instead of seeing this academic hardship as a punishment, I look at it the way hopeful people do: that this is supposed to mold me into a better person. But of course, my studies serve as my training before I leave the University to join the larger University of Man. I see my scholarship as a polishing of a tool for me to become a productive citizen soon. Furthermore, a positive evaluation of life creates a better person out of me through the way I affect other people. Since I do not live in isolation, I influence individuals within my range so I like to be in a position wherein I may affect them positively. A new vision of myself will hopefully make others aspire to emulate this positive outlook because it is more advantageous to be a catalyst than to be a bad influence. Lastly, my new vision will help me as a professional by means of inspiring my future colleagues and work community into developing the same attitude. If I show that I my competence is largely due to my optimism on the many aspects of my life (including professional aspect), they may be moved into cultivating the same in order to bring the profession to a higher level. In that case, my professionalism creates a good impact in the workplace.
There are many instances and places with which to manifest my vision of a positive life. Everyday can be a potential instance to carry these insights, especially when I am alone reflecting and when connecting with others. My encounters with people occur in various places such as school, home, church and community, and these are the venues where I may pursue my life fully.


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