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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

challenging a distorted reality

I read that the book is about my negative way of seeing reality having the possibility of correction in order for me to maximize life’s enjoyment. Who I am is a matter of perceiving, so if I see myself as a forlorn person, I do not fully realize my worth. On the contrary, if I see myself as a valuable creature of God, I have a greater chance of enjoying fully the life given to me by the Creator. It is at this personal decision-making that the book comes along, in which are mentioned the right way to view life as a way of redressing the negative things that persist in my existence. Since I want to live instead of just exist, I have greater chances of enjoying my life to the fullest. Having the right attitude in approach life can cause happiness to reign in my life and to cause me to realize my better self-appraisal.
I found the book especially meaningful in the light of the other levels of being alive apart from physical living. On the emotional level, the book is meaningful because it teaches me to control my feelings which often influence my way of seeing things. When I am buoyed by my emotions like anger, instead of flaring up at once, I have to think first of the consequences of showing this anger because I do not want to make it a habit to be always angry. On the social level, the book is meaningful because it teaches me that it helps to be around people with the same optimistic character in order to keep believing that in spite of negative happenings in my life, I will see these as instruments of destiny—the necessary evils that challenge me to continue struggling. On the mental level, it is meaningful because the mind is above everything else in my own body, and forming a habit of positive thinking will give me direction towards my real goals in life. On the spiritual level, the book is meaningful because it shows how envisioning myself as a person of value renders God’s creation of me legitimate.
The book’s insights on the fullness of a life are important because of the prevalence of human mistakes such as mine during this contemporary time. Just when I thought that I must be the cause of, say, unhappiness of the people I have hurt in the past as in the present, I came to realize that accepting myself for who I am upgrades my worth and gives me an opportunity to unburden myself of negative thoughts. Also, I believe now more than ever that it is better to me than to pretend to be someone I am not, because only when I choose to be myself do I become more confident of the things I do, more honest about my feelings and thoughts, and more personal in my communication with others. Likewise, I do not hesitate to give in to an outpouring of emotions now that I realize how forgetting myself in loving will lead others to share the love I triggered in them. I am more inclined to believe, too, since there are certain things that faith can answer for me which logic cannot provide, today that I need to trust more. Finally, in a world where building borders is the name of the game, I know that I have to reach out and desire to belong because it is difficult for me to be lonely when it is so much better to be sharing myself to others.
I can use these today as a student, in my personal life, and later as a professional through in many ways imaginable. As a student, I know these insights can do more to my learning than just provide me with high grades. For example, learning a certain discipline is my way of bridging to others and my school: I am studying to be able to make my school proud when the time comes that I practice what I learned in order to help change people’s lives, generating jobs with an established business, for instance. In my personal life, these insights will help by making me realize my self-worth because the change should occur in myself first before it ripples in my immediate environment. By giving me a chance to create a better self-vision, these insights will me to become the person I ought to be. As a professional, I will be encouraged by these insights in pursuing a career motto with my clientele in mind. Since my future clientele forms a significant part of the society, I am in a way contributing to the development of the community.
I can use these insights of realizing life’s potentials today and in the future, when I should have been practicing my profession, and use them right in my home, my professional environment, my society and, most especially, myself.

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