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Saturday, July 07, 2007

the laws to govern my fulfilled life

10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management is about discovering my values and organizing my life meaningfully. Before reading the book, I rarely even have time to consider the things that are valuable to me. For example, it is important for me to get things done. So, on my daily planner, I make little notes of what to do. I enlist that I must go meet a friend for some heart-to-heart talk over lunch. However, I end up canceling the appointment to give way to eating. When I asked for a reset schedule, I realized too late that the meeting could have been done while having lunch with my friend. Not being able to do this and other things seems to me that my values are beyond me. When the book confirms that I can control my life, I had to know how. Reading it, I evaluated my priorities. I found out that seeing what I value, I can manage my time. With this, I can lead an arranged, meaningful life.
I found the book especially meaningful for its formula in listing down my life’s priorities. The first five teaches me to manage my time. First, I can control my life by controlling my time. I believe that this can happen when I follow my planner’s list strictly, whether to go to the dentist or to drop by to the library. Second, my values form my ground for personal achievement. If I can fulfill what I can do with my time, I become an achiever. I value the use of my time in getting appointments with my organization or classmates done, and that gives me personal fulfillment. In the simplest coming to the class on time every day, my values are shown. That makes me sigh with contentment. I should not be afraid to risk spending time for all my daily plans because I will get to my objective anyway. Maintaining this planning for everyday in both school, home and others helps me set my life’s priorities. Here is where the second part comes in. The laws concerning my life’s control start with my behavior which mirrors my beliefs. When I follow my plans to the letter, it shows that I believe that I can fulfill them within my controlled time frame. Hence, when I realize that I can spend half an hour understanding a lesson, I satisfy my want. By choosing to believe I can do so instead of fearing that I can’t, I minimize my negative acts. I start to feel my confidence coming inside me. I give more effort to realizing my plans, and I feel I have more time to do things like pick up a good book.
These natural laws are important because they can ensure my success in life. When I have more control of my time and my life, I can organize my priorities. My priorities include having more time to study without sacrificing my quality moments with my family and friends. I may fulfill this when I spend my time wisely. In this fast-paced world, I understand that each moment counts. It occurs to me sometimes that I should not sleep if only to fulfill important tasks. My Accounting course gets harder every day, so instead of going out with my siblings, I choose to stay home studying. Then, I realize that I should not be a slave of my time. I mark my planner and devote a certain time for going out and studying. I cannot afford to lose my family in the same way that I do not want to risk my course. With creative day planning and following it strictly, no precious time is sacrificed. I believe that with this, the ten laws are creating an impact in my life already. I realize what I value most, and prioritize things according to them. When the laws govern me fully, my success can come easy.
As a student, I can use this set of laws to devote time inside the classroom and for my study hours. I may divide my time for all my subjects, allowing sufficient time to understand lessons for each. After spending an hour for one, I may get up and walk around for relaxation. Afterwards, I may be back to studying again. With that, I do not lose my focus. To begin with, I need concentration in studies if I want to achieve the goal of good grades. This set of laws may also be used in my personal life. Since I have a life to lead outside school, I should value being with my family and friends. In the first place, they help me grow as a better person. Managing time to bond with them despite my hectic school schedule includes them in my life’s priorities. I want them to be a part of my fulfilled goals and success. Later as a professional, this set of laws can contribute to my personal satisfaction. Time management is hard to implement. However, if I get used to planning my time and prioritizing my objectives in life, it will be effortless by the time my career keeps me busy. My focus, then, will have been much improved. My professional priorities, namely to sustain a sound business and a circle of clients, will have been set in advance.
Right in school and now, I may use these laws to manage my time, organize my life and pursue my personal fulfillment.


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