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Sunday, November 16, 2008

lupasay over friendster

After what claims to be a temporary maintenance, it’s back—but not without causing me some distress. Why not, when about 300 of my friends vanished from my list? Yes, not all my friends, relatives, classmates, schoolmates, teachers, students, former boylets and the like are internet-connected, much less Friendster-linked, but the few who are in my list are either so busy or so remote that the only way we keep in touch is through this social networking site. The ugly face of modernism is at it again: it cannot be fully relied on no matter what utopian promises it has created along with its birth.
I immediately informed my ex- that I disappeared from his list not because I deleted him from mine out of my ongoing romantic agony but because, theories have it, the website was infested by a mighty virus and a programmer hacked into the site. Someone from a popular gay social networking website advised that “Friendster has suffered a great damage…as a computer virus named h4xor-nytmare had infiltrated [its] database. It is best advised not to log in your accounts or add friends for the time being as the Friendster team is currently recovering the losses that were inflicted.” Ganun? Sige na nga.
I checked on Friendster and here’s what I found posted inconspicuously: “Your friends list may be inaccurately displayed. Please be assured your friends list will be accurate soon.” Ayun naman pala e. However, further search brought me to this somewhat funny advice in the site’s Frequently Asked Questions: “MY FRIENDS HAVE DISAPPEARED: We are aware of this issue and will have it fixed ASAP. Don't worry; your friends are not lost, they will return. We apologize for this inconvenience.” If my students will discover this, they will likely complain, “Pati ba naman sa Friendster, may diaspora?!?” This rivals in hilarity the note I read somewhere: “please verify that you are a human.” Some gays confessed to having 500 enlisted friends who were reduced to forty-four, seven or, worse, this: “Ba’t ganun? Isa na lang ‘yung friend ko sa Friendster. Ano’ng nangyari, Friendster team?”
Speaking of complaints, some bitches have the gall to scold some innocent gays firing questions about the Friendster brouhaha. People, not because you started the thread, you have the right to whip others into frenzy. If you don’t feel like answering their questions, shut up. Don’t contradict yourselves by claiming “I’m not tryin’ to be rude” or “no offense meant” and proceed to do just that: being rude and offensive. Don’t make them feel the stupid ass that you actually are. And please, check your grammar; a past participle follows the future tense “will be.” Lastly, be finesse in segueing into your hidden agenda of promoting and having prospects verify heaven-knows-what in your account.
Friendster is one of only four URLs I regularly visit everytime I’m online, the others being my accounts at, (and the blogroll therein), and With the inconveniences I always experience in Friendster such as unmanageable blogposts, adding difficulties, photo uploading hassles among others, I might just take the suggestions of friends to shift to Facebook or Myspace. Tama na ang lupasay; let’s go forth and!


  1. tama! multiply nalang.

    add mo akech.

    kaso mas madalas ako sa wordpress, sis.

  2. Goozor2:12 AM

    It was caused by a power outage. FS said they can fix it soon

    H4Xor-Nytmare is a Hoax