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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

karlo clones on the loose

You have just crossed paths with Karlo midway of the Gymnasium and the track Oval. You even had a short conversation whether there will be no classes or otherwise come Thursday and Friday when the University will be the host to the annual Luzon Science Consortium. If by pure luck there will be none, he has promised to come over to the USSC Office to begin drafting his OSA Student Week narrative write-up as the Junior RSCU Head, uninformed that the report has long been asking to be printed out of the computer software.
Not a few minutes have passed and, to your natural awe, your visual sensory recaptures near the Tau Gamma Park the same old charming human matter you have recently come across with halfway of the Gym and the Oval. Automatically, you sit beside him who has tagged Romualdo along and initiate a dialogue with the two of them. Easy, you are not alone in heavily loathing the spoiled chance of discussing individual essentials in due permission of the sensational tuition fee hike issue. Well, you are just seizing the rapturous moment of keeping Karlo company, but honestly, you do not imbibe my point. Don’t you notice Karlo’s omnipresence in the University (take this literally, in case you hunch that I am citing Karlo’s primal participation in mass daydreams)?
Only a meager sum of celebrated saints has the divine ability of bilocation—appearing in flesh in two different places simultaneously, not unless their apparition is beamed globally via satellite—therefore it is highly suspicious that Karlo can bilocate as well, disregarding his saintly personage. You then resort to a more scientific explanation on Karlo’s presence in the College Annex one time, his showing in the Men’s Dorm #8 another time and a sighting of him walking along the Lagoon a little later—all incidents happening in a relatively brief hour span—and you conclude that he has CLONES.
It is your advantage that omnipresent Karlo has acquired look-alikes performing separate tasking. It follows that you are not necessitated to pay him homage at the dorm on a patterned basis, knowing that you will readily meet one of his replicas biking around the Old Market or another consuming ensaymada with Kuya Bryan at the Marketing Center bakeshop. It also means a reduced risk of missing Karlo every once in a while since all you need is to take a glimpse of the passersby anywhere you are and viola! One of Karlo’s clones is among the crowd. Anyway, who is reading this, a Karlo clone or not?

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