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Thursday, November 20, 2008

dangling with the stars

Every so often, the school serves as a location for television shoots because the Vice President’s spouse, the ever-bubbly Miss Lucille, is connected to a few networks (talk about formidable social capital!). In the past, GMA-7 starlets like Andrew Schwimmer and Felix Roco have visited and the more fearless of my English majors would interview them during breaks. This time, teen actresses from ABS-CBN 2 were around for a taping: Paw Diaz (in yellow) and Empress Schuck (in blue). With me are Miss Lucille, my colleague RR and the anak ng Dyosa. According to RR, "Hindi naman nagkakalayu-layo sa ganda."

Sorry to disappoint you but I did not appear as an extra because I have classes to attend to, plus I was told that no male stars were present, so what’s the point? I better prepare my acting prowess for the abattoir or factory or whatever scene with Juday when Ruel tags me along at the junior superstar’s Maalaala Mo Kaya Christmas special. I did see interesting looking boylets in tight-fitting shirts, supposedly extras, but I was more impressed with the smart-talking gay guy with the Comparative Literature major, supposedly a think-tank in the production. The anak ng Dyosa later told me he’ll give me the guy’s number and some excellent titles from him. Should any book turn out to be a collection of Neruda’s poems or of Arabic fictions in English translation, I will keep his number. I say that with a “Promise!” in Inday Badiday’s husky voice.

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  1. star who? ikaw lang naman ang mukhang istariray sa pics.