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"pinakamaganda ka nga sa buong kapuluan, pero latina na naman ang magwawagi ng korona at sash sa miss world! racism ba ito? lupasay!"

Saturday, July 05, 2008

the narcissus at mrt

In this jungle of a city
Your clones abound but here you are,
Blossoming in the midst
Of rocky wreck
Stranded in the primetime rush
Of the raging MRT
As rapid as my racing mind
Just to be near your gym built torso
Whether or not you’re bound for the end of the world
The balance of my magnetic card will let me follow
I will stay with you lest you run away
Or be whisked away by some other fairy
Frenzied by your dazzling beauty
As you come aboard
Your sturdy arms, not the handrails
I’ll hold on to
And as the train shuttles forth
My gaze will take off
Your bodyhugging shirt
I will be Echo,
You entire being I’ll rhapsodize
But tell me:
Does the reflection in the glass window
Sharpen the sadness in your eyes?
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