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Monday, July 21, 2008

letter to a young student

My dear student,
Lovely. Refined. Diligent. Bright. I can rattle off more adjectives to describe you, my dear student, but I must say that rolling this description into one will embody the promising young lady that’s you. Imagine how great a living antithesis you are to the world, or to life for that matter, all grown exhausted struggling to find a place in the sun.
And so, I am most grateful of this opportune time, not because I can be an embalmer, toss the world (or life) into a coffin and seal it away, the wicked and brutal predator that it is. Why do I thank the advent of this moment, then? It’s because I come across someone like you, whose talents are so brimming, it’s almost a sin to repress (or to pass you unnoticed).
While we may reluctantly admit that we are already hopelessly late to probe the skies for stars from our standpoint in the wasteland, the past generations have done this ahead of us and few seemed to have triumphed, but why shouldn’t we? Hence, go on, Shereen; whatever it is that you have for a goal (and I believed, it all boils down to the assertion of identity), dream with a vision. You are so promising that you are inclined to endure frustrated attempts by the world/life to harm you or your ambition.
Taking God as your compass, you let your spirit soar high. Be undaunted; it takes a crazy shot of courage to try to reach out to the heavens instead of the lowly roof. It is easy to dismiss as simplistic and narcissistic performing such a grand design for your self advancement; thus, as you entertain the time of your life, become an inspiration to the world. Rise and shine.
Give the world or life the awesome favor of embellishing it with your personal touch. Chase your dream and, in effect, show the person that you are. In the process, you discover that the line in Desiderata that avers “Despite the sham and all its drudgeries, it is a beautiful world” lends some truth, after all.

Sincerely yours,
Little Gapanese

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