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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

live but don't leave

Rumors catch a rolling fire that you will be transferring to another school in Bulacan soonest, and the flames’ rapid tongue has at once licked my appalled auditory channels. Very bad, this star-crossed campus loses another beauty titleholder (and a phenomenal looker at that) in the fast-growing tradition of premature farewell walk of the likes of 1998 Mr. University 2nd runner-up Joselito Mones + (rest in undisturbed peace), 1999 Ms. University Roma Rey de Leon (rest at home until your good-for-one-semester dismissal comes to pass) and her 2nd princess, crowned 1999 Ms. Intramural Jacqueline Bayabos (rest yourself from constant school-hoping)
No contest: I completely succumb to the harsh fact that in Malolos alone, three excellent universities—Bulacan State, Centro Escolar and Regina Carmeli—can be your prospect second college terminals. The strongest point that can probably make you uninterruptedly finish your Accountancy degree here is that it is the region’s highest hurdler in the CPA examination of late. What else? Okay, CBAA is already accredited as a second-level bastion of learning by CHED, aside from its recent elevation as a corporate college.
Withstanding every advertisement I might use to compel you not to walk away, you (?) will have or must have designed beforehand a stand that makes a strong difference. If you are decided to study Basic Accounting the CEU way, you are taken to it. If you have programmed your mind to conduct rough Account estimates through the BSU approach, then fine. If you have brewed intensions of learning Accounting proper in some other school, well, the fatal (adj. of or related to fate) decision lies wholly in your (?) hands.
Really, you are the sole master of your ship. You are valued offspring of this generation that strive for carefree independence and unsuppressed resoluteness. Even so, I in behalf of your potential minions out here in the University would like to let you know how ultimately unhappy I will be to see you relentlessly search for yourself in some foreign institution grounds. Though this probable intent of transferring may not be yours, I must go on.
By the way, I miss you like insane, unknowing heartbreaker.

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