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Friday, July 11, 2008

game on girls

“Game on Girls” takes note of the emerging presence of girls in the gaming world, commenting that the male-dominated industry is currently giving way to an increasingly narrowing gender gap. It is true that women had previously been judged against, with sexist assumptions that women are too softcore to “shoot guns, do sports, or experience fast-paced action.” Now that the gaming industry taps the female market by producing, distributing and selling girl-friendly games, there seems to be the changing gender dynamics. However, I see that with the largely unexploited market among women, the gaming industry capitalists only found potential moneymaking means through these games, primarily. I think that these male-dominated industries place gender sensitivity secondarily, if at all, since it is possible that as a matter of power play, these men will never allow women to overthrow them, let alone challenge them, even if just in the games. This is implied in the article section wherein males are chosen over females as gaming industry employees by virtue of the males’ “passion for games.” This is disagreeable because passion is not gender-restricted. The pointed out differences of girl gamers from boy gamers only intensify sexism even in a world that’s supposed to be enjoyable. That gender discrimination only takes the fun out of the gaming.

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