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Sunday, March 09, 2008

rising from the grave

much to your relief, i'm still alive. it took me a while to recuperate but not with my broken heart--i just recovered from a terrible fever which sent me to a delirious state minus jomari yllana. i didn't have any illusion of possessing the twang of g toengi, anyway.
i was bedridden most of the time. i did attend classes but listening to students serving as guest teachers just gave me the opportunity to whip them into frenzy and to warn them to shape up under the pains of nazi-type inquisition.
it amazed me to be going home before sunset and amazed me more to be hitting bedtime sooner than the manananggals. my sickness was teaching me the value of being early to bed, which did not necessarily teach me to be early in rising. it pained me to miss on reading even if i did not have much to do--i was that ill-feeling. now that i'm doing better, i'm consuming a novel in filipino with the rich bicol folklore for a mine. when i should have finished this, i would finalize my paper on MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN'S magic realism as postcolonial device.
the other night, i went to see my friend genesis who was celebrating his tenth year in the gay entertainment scene. i was pleasantly surprised that the gay bar he is managing featured really cute boys (not of minor age, anyway) who cavorted onstage in their skimpiest undies. one go-go boy by the name of steven possesses an angelic face and the tisoy features i love. upon learning of my midnight romp, mareng edwin told me never to be involved with men like steven since they are set to wipe out my bank account. of course, i should know better than run after their ilk. it was just great ogling at them, especially for someone who spent a moment in romantic hell only to land in a week-long purgatorial fever.
that, more or less, was what happened in my relatively long hiatus. i hope to return soon to watching movies, playing at timezone, and malling with or without a pangga in tow. i must remember that i've been a human for the longest time before i got hitched.

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  1. nice to have u back here, kafatid.