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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a constant reminder of what matters most

What Matters Most is about identifying my own values and being able to live them to the fullest. It is not unusual for me to feel that something is missing in my life because of conflicts between my actions and my personal values. Often, I find myself planning to do things but end up not going by that plan. If I intend to follow my plan of staying late to study more, I end up putting studying off for tomorrow. Then, I do not rise early, so I regret not having studied the night before. I see that there is something to be done about my own values in order to fulfill my plan. I understand that only proper action gets my plan done. Good thing, the book offers three steps for me to realize my priorities. First, I must discover what matters most to me. Next, I must make a plan to realize my priorities. Finally, I must act on my plan to realize my priorities. If I follow these steps, in no way will my actions be any more in conflict with my own values. I find the book especially important for citing heroes and the author himself as examples of people who know who they are and what they value in life. I always want to be the best that I can be, but always fall short of that. This is because my focus has yet defined my values. There are always distractions—putting things for tomorrow, changing plans suddenly, ignoring my priorities. It is a different case with the people cited in the book. The heroes I read in the beginning chapter have diverse missions. However, it seems to me that their commonality begins with their personal values. Also, they act on their personal missions to realize the great persons that they are. I think it is essential to be like them by being responsible with my priorities. This way, my experiences will show that I am more than being myself. More importantly, pursuing the plan that matters most to me helps me be myself perfectly. It is important for my personal values and action plan to be in harmony. When they go together, I have a guide that makes me live a really fulfilling life. My own experience shows that this is not always followed. As I mentioned, I intend to study more before sleeping but do not proceed as planned. I know that I must prioritize my studies but get distracted by several things. Often, I find myself spending more time watching TV shows or surfing the Internet or reading fashion magazines. While these activities are not exactly sinful, they move me away from my focus. Instead of valuing my studies, I neglect my aims with my own distractions. I always claim, “I have more time,” “I can get up early tomorrow.” The following day, I begin to cram again. Only then do I realize that I have to concentrate and to prioritize my values. If I have to study as planned, then I should act on it by focusing on my studies. There should be no waste of time on anything whatsoever. This way, I am saved from regretting about the lost time. I am also saved from regretting over broken personal promises. Most importantly, I am saved from unease, because with determination to study as planned, I find comfort and peace. The three steps to realizing what matters most in my life are helpful in many personal aspects. In my life as a student, planning aligned with action is important in my personal mission. My priority is my studies, and acting on my study plans helps me get the grades I aim to have. To be the professional my education is preparing me to be, readiness in my lessons should be my consistent priority. In my personal life, consistency in my priority matters, too. I may enjoy my own distractions, then what? I may be updated with happenings about people’s lives and other things on the TV, Net and written articles, to my plan’s expense. My life as a student is not far from my personal life, so studies come as a personal mission as well. This case comes handy in my future life as a professional, because my studies prepare me for it. I want to follow my parents’ leaning on business, so my future life benefits from my prioritized studies. Doing my planned tasks consistently today forms a routine that helps me be as consistent in my professional life soon. Fewer distractions prepare me to have more focus in business. My future plan to be in my parents’ business will be realized when this early, I follow an action plan. It helps to act in the present more than in the future. I have no hold of what happens soon, so I will act on my plans today. Since my home and my school are the two places I spend most of my time in, they are the main venues of my plan. The atmosphere of the school gets me to have more focus on studies so I tend to act on my plan on a regular basis. Meanwhile, my home can serve the purpose on a daily basis, before I go to sleep. Avoiding distractions in the present leaves me with less worries the next day. When I wake up the next day after a night of studying, I feel comfortable because I acted as planned. Becoming consistent with this will give me the chance to nurture an inner peace.

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