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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

time, indeed, is gold

In simple language, 10 Natural Laws of Successful time and Life Management tells that I can deal with my time and with my life with success. This happens when I learn how to organize and to prioritize. My busy student’s life makes it seem hard to manage enough time to rest and have recreation. Nonetheless, setting priorities can work effectively. Of course, I want to make my schedule appear more manageable. That way, I will not be overwhelmed by its hectic look. Manageable time keeps me positive and away from distraction. I want to be focused when I reach for my aims in, say, school. I want to be able to manage my time in studies in order to have time for family, friends, and myself.
The ten laws toward a more successful time and life management start with the assessment of my life’s most important things. Some of these are assisting my parents to run the household and the family business, and keeping in constant touch with my friends. These are important since they give me self-fulfillment. If they are settled, my own affairs may be prioritized, so I may recognize who I really am as well as what I want to become. It is here that the ten laws over things to do become necessary. It is important to control my life by controlling my time because time composes my life. The yellow post-it notes I remind myself with have more meaning now because they mark my activities and the time allotted for each. My governing values also establish my personal fulfillment. Deciding that my priorities should be schoolwork and family and friend duties will spell my personal values and achievement. These values are reflected in my daily events and eventually give me peace within. My activities involving the school and my social circle are written in the notes and with them as reminder, I am rest assured of one plan to the next. I also must leave my comfort zone to attain important goals. In order to finish each plan, I will follow my activities closely, leaving nothing to chance. My daily planning can also increase my focus. Such a planning specifies my aim of relating more to myself as well as to my family and friends. All these contribute to my time management. Meanwhile, my behavior manifests my true beliefs. My driven desire to accomplish my noted plans tells that I believe I can earn my goals. If these go along with reality, I fulfill my needs. Each plan I make, say finishing all my assignments in my three-hour study habit, is realistic and worthy for me. Whatever wrong beliefs I redress, I erase negative behaviors. If things do not go my way, I can look at it positively, a learning experience, for example. Also, my self-esteem radiates from within. This optimism gives me self-confidence. Finally, what I give more, I will have more. If other persons get affected by my positive mood, the more positive my outlook becomes. These, ultimately, help in my life management.
These natural laws are essential for me who often think there is not enough time for everything. Having read these plain, effective means for successfully managing my hours and life, I am hopeful that when I list down activities in post-it notes, I do not get frustrated. Instead, I want to be more productive during study hours and during my precious moments with my family and friends. Feeling more secure with more efficient time management, I hope to have more confidence, happiness and self-fulfillment. I want to be satisfied every time I check the notes I already accomplished. I want my time and life to be more organized.
I can use these laws as a student, in my personal life, and later as a professional with the technique of planning, prioritizing and value formation that will organize my time and life. In pointing out my highest priorities and most valued things, I can be more focused in realizing my school and other activities. I may assess the events within my control, say the time I allot for each homework and beyond my control, say traffic which affects my time allotment in getting home. I may get rid of time-wasting activities like watching unproductive programs on television or surfing gossip columns online. My plan that works for getting things done shall be contained in an organizer so I may check at once if I realized my goals in line with my values.
Beginning today, my managing time will match getting things done by referring to my time-focused organizer notes anywhere I may go. I hope that through this, I will have a successful feeling of accomplishment and well-being.

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