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Monday, July 23, 2007

the e.q. that works

Working with Emotional Intelligence shows the skills that make people perform well in all fields, from the lowest to the top positions. I discovered that the most significant factor is not technical expertise, professional degrees, or intelligence quotient. Instead, it is that quality called emotional intelligence. It includes characteristics like self-awareness, self-control and self-confidence. It also involves commitment and integrity. It also places openness to communication as well as charisma and capacity for change. All these, I see, are important abilities in the current professional market. They become increasingly important as a professional moves up, deciding who gets hired or fired, neglected or promoted. The book shows that I have the potential to improve my emotional intelligence. There are ways to nurture these competencies. These ways should change the way i train for me to be effective.
The book is is especially important for it changed the way I think about personal excellence. I always thought that it largely meant IQ. For me, EQ is significant, but not equal to IQ in terms of the possibility of helping me move up professionally. It may matter that I come from a good school. It may matter too that in this good school, I give a good showing. However, I understand now that these are not all. I may have the skills necessary to do my job, but this is not enough. Without such passions as industry and love for work, I may just see my job as income source. I want to look at my future job as a means for personal growth. I want to consider it a vocation. This is possible if I have emotional intelligence. The book made me conscious that I may be my class' most intelligent, but that may be insufficient. I also need to develop EQ in order to excel in other aspects besides academic. This is essential because my personality is defined not only by IQ but also by EQ.
The insights are useful because they prove what successful persons knew all along about being smart. It has nothing to do with excelling in facts. Instead, it has to do with excelling in my emotions. It also has to do with understanding the emotions of persons around me. Emotional intelligence has turned into the new standard for success for both junior employees and executives. Some workers depend on IQ and technical skills. Despite that, their performance can hardly do wonders to their advancement. Meanwhile, some workers depend on EQ and that explains why they move up. Furthermore, the influence of EQ grows as these star performers reach the leadership post. These insights, then, show that a different intelligence is responsible for creating leaders. This intelligence is the primary cause for these leaders' success, and I know it can help me in many personal stages in my life.
It will help in my studies, in my personal life, and in my future as a professional by transforming my outlook on what being smart should be. I realized that in school, personal life and future profession, I should couple my quest for excellence with emotional intelligence. In school, it should be not enough that I master my lessons. Instead, I should be able to draw emotional skills from them. Say, in studying business subjects, I must know not just the theories that can help me earn in my future business. I must also know how I may be able to help my employees improve their lives. This may be done when I get to learn business and work ethics and leadership competency while studying. This way, not only do I enrich myself in many ways in school and in the future, but also enrich even my would-be employees with such qualities as dignity in work and love of labor. In my personal life, emotional intelligence will help me in relating with friends and family. These people have emotions too, which I want to be able to understand. At times, I misinterpret when my parents insist that we be together during Sundays for the traditional family day. I thought that they were not being supportive of my need to study, which is my pressing reason why I want to excuse myself. Having read the book, I became aware that families need to bond. My studies are important, of course, but my loyalty should go to warm beings that treat me lovingly, not to letters that can be accommodated at some manageable time.
Becoming emotionally intelligent can be done anywhere from my home to my school. These places serve as my venues for dealing with persons with emotions like me. Anytime today, I can start developing my EQ so that my future can have the prospect of success.

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