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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

taking a sip of sagwan's cappuccinos

Despite the massive controversy it stirred first for its pornographic scenes and second for the related X-rating slapped by the MTRCB, Monti Parungao’s Sagwan has been given a go signal for commercial exhibition albeit with the necessary butchering of objectionable parts. This is generally good news for the movie, since its stars are newcomers and yet they captured the (mostly gay) audience’ interest in such a way that their movie’s UP premiere was a box-office hit. Well, their striking looks (and the panoramic Tatalon River in Calauag, Quezon) may be Sagwan’s saving grace since the very promising material went pfft when the exploration of a young boatman’s sexuality turned into a pornographic instead of just homoerotic feast.
While at the subject, let me post the seductive pictures of the Cappuccino boys, most of whom have starred in the movie. Their lot was so diverse that my choosy friends will be unusually gratified picking from the hunks presented herein. A little game: match the Cappuccinos (from top to bottom, left to right: Adrian, Anton, Christian, Dennis, Erie, Gino, Rod and Ryan) with—
Miss Ghana, Pirena, Anak ng Dyosa, Ojet and Kirby, who all like metrosexual-looking mestizos
Hollerjonie, Ruby, Lara and Gelli, who all like exotic chinitos
Genesis, Ruellie, Scarlet, Eva Fonda, and Kate, who all like dirtylicious morenos
Partyphile and Miss Ukraine, who both like boyish-looking (and scandalously innocent) twinks
Choose lang nang choose which cappuccino to sip, haha!:)

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    sa 5 ako, pre. obyus choice siguro.