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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

multiple feeding

supremo's bsba juniors opened a three-day sme project at the obscure college' facade, with food items as primary come-on from pizza to pork barbecue to to chocolate-covered fruits to waffles. we had a field day buying from one cart to another in order to taste the offerings, but i was adamant at chomping on the dough-covered hotdog (repress your phallic imaginings, please?) since i remember that it is a competitor of sort of louie's sister's footlong and sausages. as rr would campily have it, "blood is thicker than canal water!" other products, meanwhile, made me rave like i'm auditioning for a maggi magic sarap commercial.
speaking of rave, louie prepared a box of cassave cake which i bought in support of his own marketing project back in the state u's neighboring school. mimicking a dutiful pizza boy, i undertook an epic struggle to keep the product whole even as my mouth's already drooling on my way to contemporary british literature class. i had my fill just a few minutes after i arrived in the department, where my professor started screening the sensual film adaptation of d.h. lawrence's women in love. if indeed food is a good substitute for things that can't (immediately) be had, like love, then i say i'm in a state next to being dreamy-eyed again.
after my class, i dashed toward the up theater to catch the ongoing sarsuwela festival wherein the play "walang sugat" was being mounted. my junior students remembered that we took this severino reyes masterpiece in panitikan ng pilipinas course, so they were naturally excited how the wartime love story of tenyong and julia would turn out onstage. apart from the sterling performance by barasoain kalinangan foundation, i was amazed by the grandiose production.
on our way to the up fair raging on in the sunken garden, i and my friends passed by the up film institute nearby where partyphile joined other gays in anticipating for the premiere of yet another queer indie film, showboyz by crisaldo pablo. i declined in accompanying him, invoking my strange suspicion that the pornographic films screened the past few weeks have alarmed the (morality) police in such an extent that the screening will be halted and the audience will be bodily brought to the police station for questioning. in truth, i refused to watch because i saw a cute guy draped by the chiaroscuro of the cine adarna and, in order to draw his attention, feigned sprained ankle. it figured rather embarrassingly that the cute guy, once in the light, is a boylet who regularly visits me in my place. i hurried toward the fair, leaving my companions to wonder what suddenly ate me.

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