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"pinakamaganda ka nga sa buong kapuluan, pero latina na naman ang magwawagi ng korona at sash sa miss world! racism ba ito? lupasay!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sophies' waterworld

i got an early morning call from my student assistant telling that we were about to leave for the scheduled party (again!) in a clubhouse in faraway montalban, rizal, a few minutes away from the famed avilon zoo. would this be a reunion of sort? haha. three students of mine just picked up the books to be gifted to sophomore english majors and off we went. apart from the despairing incident at the bank (in which i joined a long queue of atm patrons and when my turn to withdraw came, i tried to transact five times, to no avail and to the strong protestations of the manong and manang behind me), the swimming event proceeded smoothly, with i initiating an underwater game of tag. i enjoyed the sumptuous food and the rustic landscape, sophies!:)

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  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    kumusta ang profile pic? hindi ko naman daw kinakaya ng konte! hahaha! natuwa lang ako.