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"pinakamaganda ka nga sa buong kapuluan, pero latina na naman ang magwawagi ng korona at sash sa miss world! racism ba ito? lupasay!"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ati-atihan before the up lantern parade

before catching the lantern parade in the beloved pamantasan ng pilipinas, i went to the anak ng dyosa's place to visit the wake of his late grandmother. owing to the lack of eventful things, i.e. wailing relatives who scream rhetorical questions like "bakit mo kami iniwan?!" or gamblers who vulgarly argue over sakla and lucky nine, i, the host, the prinsesita ng dyosa, and my other students jacky and arvien settled for bingo playing. we had an agreement that losers will be streaked in the face with talcum powder (my original suggestion of charcoal fell on deaf ears). with the accompanying picture, do the math.

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  1. i missed this year's lantern parade. heard it was better than last year's.