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Saturday, December 13, 2008

"fans na fans mo ako, juday!" and other occurrences in posh trinoma

maalaala mo kaya's christmas episode featuring judy ann santos was already airing when i reached trinoma to bond with former colleagues. even as i joined my friends in the dining table, i couldn't get my eyes off the tv phone where the story of a poverty-stricken mother named anita was unfolding. my friends understand: they know that i am "fans na fans ni juday" so they let me spend a few moments of devastation as the widow decided to feed her children with pesticide-laced food. i felt glad that the episode did not disappoint as expected in such a way that people who received my promotion would not dare poison me because i made them watch a terrible show. truth to tell, the program succeeded yet again in airing a poignant episode about how desperate times can drive people to desperate measures.
i could have been an extra in that episode and acted with juday in the ricefields scene. weeks after i asked my friend ruel to let the two of us meet juday in the taping since he wrote the episode's script, the scriptwriting was transferred to shugo and when the taping was in the works, ruel and i were dead busy doing our respective duties to human civilization. i would soon learn from awestruck fans that juday's guesting was being heralded through the promising tv trailers.
after the heartwrenching boob tube engagement, i returned to earth and realized that my hong kong-based friend rhoda was in town for christmas. welcome back, dhang! thanks for the multicolored wallet; just seeing you home safe and sound was more than enough. this made me miss other friends like melanie, canifer, claudette, carl, kuning, celia, ad infinitum who have since joined the diaspora. i'm posting our picture here in case jopay fails to upload the digital photos (one of which jopay considers the best shot--and only half of my body was captured!) asap. please don't confuse the hairy creatures for my colleagues riza, rhoda, leah and jopay!
p.s. jopay sustains her capacity as the group's quotable quote machine aside from donna and leah. i caught her saying, "baka magsara na ang mall," pronouncing the last word "mol." she challenged me to tell her the correct pronunciation, saying "sige nga, sige nga!" but mmk's bottle of pesticide was still fresh in my mind, so i shut up.


  1. kumusta naman daw at nakiuso ako sa diasporic experience.

    anyhow, thanks sa second honorable mention. ^_^ 12th honor na kristine hemosa... kumarab-as! hahahah!

    miss you much, kuya.

  2. aaacccchhhhiiiiii.....
    twin ko yang rocker na yan hindi mo ba alam...
    bago magsara ang MOL...