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Sunday, December 02, 2007

from backyard business to corporate empire: the success story of splash

It takes capital to start a business but character to grow it. The success story of Drs. Rolando and Rosalinda Hortaleza in establishing Splash Corporation proves this true as their family values created and continues to create impact in Splash brands’ rise in the local and international market.
While starting out as a newlywed couple in 1985, the Hortalezas used a part of their consolidated wedding cash gifts in buying their cousin’s formula for cuticle remover. Repacking this along with acetone and cold wave lotion for neighborhood salon distribution, the couple struck gold when their initial P12,000 capital yielded P100,000+ revenue. This instinct for what is a potential hit is repeated in such products as the country’s first natural-based facial cleanser and exfoliant astringent. This Midas’ touch for pioneering beauty products doubtlessly helped the family corporation emerge from being a lowly backyard business to a burgeoning all-Filipino corporate empire.
Apart from the capacity to innovate, the family cultivates a sense of excellence. Its P4 billion enterprise was achieved through an unwavering focus to lead. It penetrated the Philippines’ Top 300 corporations in 1998 and never left since, owing to the well-received Splash products like Extraderm, Maxi-Peel, Skin White and, of late, Biolink. All these products are developed in the company’s modern manufacturing complex using the best standards from its own state-of-the-art research institute. Their products, clinically tested for their superior safety and efficacy and creatively designed to attract customers’ attention, are a testament to the family’s quest for excellence all in the name of customer satisfaction.
It helps that the Hortalezas see the big picture in striving to excel, for they act locally but think globally. They believe that the Filipino can excel, proven by Splash’ presence in the foreign-dominated ranking of the Top Ten Philippine-based companies specializing in personal care products. In fact, not only does the company enjoy a nationwide popularity for its celebrity-endorsed products, but its international market includes African, Middle East , East Asian and North American regions. Furthermore, in its aim to share a significant piece of the pie in Asia-Pacific as well as the rich European and North American markets, Splash has faith that a proud Filipino company can be at par with other globalizing corporations. It matches its big dream by producing world-class products made from up-to-date research and manufacturing facilities and by linking amicably with a network of local stockholders and global partners.
For having received so many blessings, the family is admirable too for its social entrepreneurship. Besides being generous employers to their workers who feel important to and who belong in one big happy Splash family, the Hortalezas also established Splash Foundation Inc. to help bring about social development. SFI’s Social Development Center becomes the venue for programs like Livelihood Training, Interactive Literacy and Community Service. SFI trains course takers on cosmetology and hair styling for them to become self-relying entrepreneurs. It also sends to school poor but deserving college students, enrols both children and adults in literacy programs and trains teachers in computer-assisted learning styles. Likewise, it assists child hospitalization in beneficiary hospitals as well as renders community services like free computer and Internet access to students, free library use, adopt-a-school, surgical and dental mission and supplemental feeding. All these contribute to the success of Splash empire builders, for their company is more meaningful to customers’ and community members’ lives for having a corporate social responsibility not too popular among other capitalists.
In addition, the family has integrity that makes it win the trust of both customers and business partners alike. It requires Splash employees to keep up the loftiest professional standards in performing their duties. It also transacts business with partners in all sincerity and goodwill. It likewise keeps in mind to guarantee the satisfaction of customers by honestly fulfilling their needs in the form of internationally-recognized quality offerings. In running the corporation, it follows government-mandated rules and regulations from tax payment to environmental safety implementation as well as standardizing employee security. By adhering to ethical business practices, the Hortaleza family has built a model corporation.
Finally, the company’s faith in God has helped it secure its place because Splash considers its belief in the Almighty as the foundation on which the corporation stands. All the actions made by the company reflect the sound prudence endowed by the Lord. All the corporate decisions are entrusted in God, with the hope that these will weather all problems. As such positive attitude, Splash manages to withstand corporate disasters common in weakly-founded firms.
For a company to make its mark in its highly competitive industry, family values often play a vital role. The Hortalezas can attest to this; just witness the family-owned Splash as it continues to grow.

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