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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

mahmoud dhaouadi’s "capitalism, global humane development and the other undervelopment:" an evaluation

The economic growth or decline in many countries is spread unequally across the regions of the globe. This has to do with capitalism that continues to create fluctuating ripples on the countries in which it takes effect. In Southeast Asia, capitalism seems to contribute to the rapid industrialization of certain countries. Meanwhile, in Africa, the disaster that capitalism brought is further aggravated by experiences of natural, political and health catastrophes. Therefore, capitalism has turned selective in terms of its performance on developing countries. Only the West proves the best example of capitalist development which translates such development into social improvements on the literacy, longevity and democracy, among other indices.
Capitalism must guarantee a social environment in which fair freedom contributes to development. Capitalism should function desirably in order for states to develop economically. A system of governance, such as democracy, must guarantee long-term peaceful functioning of the capitalist economy. A country cannot remain impoverished if governed using the principles of democracy.
What is striking in the report is its difference in giving causes of underdevelopment in the developing world. It discusses the other underdevelopment, a psycho-cultural underdevelopment, among other things, which is expressed in the desire to copy indiscriminately the Western sensibility, way of life and development scheme. This opposite condition draws significantly from globalization of economy, language, culture and educational globalization. It is argued that the law of imitation applies since the colonized tends to follow the way of the colonizers who are the Westerners in this case.
Other underdevelopment is created when interaction between unequal partners tends to underdevelop the self-possessed resources and capacities of the dominated parties, an example of which is mentioned in the preceding paragraph. The domination of the Third World by the West in t6he contemporary times is a classic case. This domination has rendered not only socio-economic underdevelopment of the African, Asian and Latin American nations, but also their psycho-cultural underdevelopment. The use of colonial languages has replaced or reduced the use and fostering of the native languages. The inferiority complex syndrome toward the West or the deterioration of colonial countries’ self-esteem has become a characteristic among various groups of developing countries including the Philippines .
The world alters rapidly. Interdependence among countries has intensified far greater than it was years ago because of advances in production, distribution and information technologies. The developing world must make delineation between Westernization and modernization. There must be a formation of personalities that will understand the Other, that will recognize the good and bad links between the industrialized and the less developed countries, that will promote values of justice and peace toward all citizens. This form of globalizing is difficult to achieve and necessitates unmasking of ethnocentric positions. In the context of the Philippines , using English as an alternative national language should not be allowed to damage our native values.

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