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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

tell god's people

The signs of the times have spoken: the end is getting near. The predicaments are pulling down the Philippines in a quicksand of desperation. All the aspects of Philippine life are mired in grave issues in which we are all trapped.
Our political situation gets uglier each passing day. We have yet to solve the controversial cheating allegations of the previous national election, but here comes another election out to prove how personal interests are more valued over party loyalty, much less national recovery. Candidates previously identified with warring factions now sleep with the enemy. It takes no leap of the imagination to point out that instead of advancing political unity, they are all but advancing their own naked selfish motives to acquire power and wealth first by using each other, and ultimately by using their position to engage in graft and corruption.
Meanwhile, our economic situation paints an ironic picture: the government boasts of a stable economy, but millions of Filipinos comprising the masses are getting poorer and, therefore, hungrier. Some families claimed reducing their two meals a day into just one, sometimes, rather frustratingly, none at all. The rich are getting richer with their capitalistic and commercialistic tendencies, and their need to stabilize financially gets the better of their social conscience, so out they make more money at the expense of their laborers who barely live decently with their pittance of a salary.
Our social situation remains a series of scenes straight from a bad dream: a burgeoning population that can barely sustain itself with even the most basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and medication, a general crime rate that only holds on to a miracle to decrease, and a public perception that is everything but hopeful. With people growing more frustrated with the ultimate arrival of social justice that shall wipe out class, gender, age, educational and religious discrimination, the society will soon throw itself into chaos.
Our cultural situation is terribly endangered, with our heritage slowly being scrapped to give way to neocolonialist policies. We frown over local delicacies and beg for McDonald’s; we rip off American television shows and Hollywood films and feed them to the public that looked down on “inferior” local productions; we send our people away on a labor exile without so much as a flinch as to who will be left teaching our ignorant children, curing our sick people, building our national infrastructure.
Finally, our religious situation is at risk of pulling the country apart, for the Christians and the Muslims remain indifferent to one another despite the efforts of mutual understanding. The Christian community is itself demonized, with confessed members either backsliding or converting to New Age phenomena. The lure of material things, from money to sensual pleasures to social influence, makes us forget our spiritual priorities, and soon our faith in God will be irreparably damaged.
These, my fellowmen, construct the face of our current hell on earth. Long before we fall into the fiery depths of boiling sulfur and raging mud, we experience all of these right here, right now. General distraction traps us all in these problems, and we know what we lack but are too distracted to desire change. Wake up, my brethren; it’s not too late. Our return to oneness with God is all that’s begged by these helpless situations. God’s Holy words have emphasized it: that prioritizing our spirituality will produce a domino effect of goodness in our lives. It’s about time to let God reign in our midst, for what tribulations shall we find ourselves in when God’s on our side?


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