the gapanese invasion is nigh!

"pinakamaganda ka nga sa buong kapuluan, pero latina na naman ang magwawagi ng korona at sash sa miss world! racism ba ito? lupasay!"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

philerasty (for y***)

something in the manner you say "i'm old..."
intends to stress "...for you."
to say the least,
quarter-life revolutions
have waged aging wars
on my body.
the fruit swells--it is
perfect for the picking.
my experiences declare
i can make a home,
i can make money,
i can make any man happy.
then again, your smile of disdain
has a way of saying
your body has greatly survived
countless battles against the elements of time,
it takes a while before the bitter fruit
becomes ripe and,
compared to you--a man
wise to the ways of the world--
i'm but a schoolgirl
whose giggling innocence
no put-on grace can belie.

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