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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the life that's job application

Job applications are breeding grounds of life experiences. More than the accumulation of knowledge and the honing of skills necessary for the applied position, values must be acquired in order to survive that uncovering of career opportunities. Life is like that too: it is pointless to know lots of information and to be able to apply the same in one’s context if related values are lacking in order to make the knowledge application helpful in the development of the human race.
So it is no coincidence that the manner of dressing up, the examination and the series of interviews all seem like ways for one to philosophize one’s suitability in a job as well as one’s capacity to make fullness of a life. In what way can one impress people? In what way can one encourage oneself in order to overcome the threat of a competition? How can one endure the mental and psychological tests in order to triumph over challenges? How can one make people believe that one has achieved the best form through which one can carry out tasks in the best way one can?
If one comes to think about it, job applications are small versions of this thing called life, because at some points one gets unlucky after being rejected in the much-desired position, and at some other points one’s star smiles to one after being hired. Whether one gets accepted in the position applied for or one has to start job hunting anew, job applications teach one of the hard fact that life is always worth giving a try, because nobody knows what’s in store for one unless one begins exploring.

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