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Sunday, June 14, 2009

arts fine and practical

Fine arts and practical arts are two disciplines that may be distinguished from each other. The two arts are distinct by way of their development as form. On the one hand, fine arts are developed mainly for aesthetic or conceptual purposes. As an expression, this art form is usually produced visually and performatively such as in painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, printmaking, creative writing, music, dance and theater. Owing to the inherent quality of pureness in fine arts, artists of this type argue that their works are a notch higher than popular crafts, making these endeavors special, mysterious and exclusive.
On the other hand, practical arts are developed basically for utilitarian purposes. As an applied form, this art carries socialist sensibilities like industrial arts, agricultural arts, business or commercial arts, home economics or homemaking arts, fishery arts and distributive arts. Owing to the inclusion of the masses’ more ordinary crafts in practical arts, artists of this type argue that their works possess a more humanitarian function.
There may be a point at having to choose in favor of either fine arts or practical arts, but there is no argument that both art forms civilize human beings by way of stroking the genius of their makers.

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