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Friday, October 03, 2008

time-warped barok

All set for history zap. Epoch opted: Paleolithic Era. Survival equipment complete. Refrain from being inquisitive; sit immobile. Onward to your destination, six seconds left, five, four, three, and two, off you go…
Alight from the time machine and then stare around you. The ancient environment looks wholly different from the computer age you come from. The trees waxing in the wilderness are greener and bigger in number than those you delightedly lay eyes on in your origin. Animals of strange forms, which you meet only in menageries in prehistoric books, startle your sight. And yes, Barok, the Philippine version of the “Flintstones” fame, dawns in your field of vision to serve as an associate in your regression tasks.
As the modern-day incarnation of Barok comes face with that of the primeval, the two of you can be passable twin brothers. You mutually know that you two are one, from the captivating physical aspects down to your innermost assets, never mind the vast difference in your speech, clothing or manners. Yours may be musical, arbitrary sort of systemized nouns, verbs, adjectives, meticulously intertwined by appropriate articles and conjunctions while Barok’s, the precise contrast. Your dress and attitude are prim and refined, whereas his, dauntless to say, are kind of barbarous. At any rate, both of you understand clearly the importance of carrying out your principal objective that is to annihilate the hideous monster Teriyaki.
Armed with roughly fashioned flints, you attentively vigil the fortress of Baroklandia in the right tempo for the expected onslaught of Teriyaki. That pest surely will hover over the golden meadows to preempt again Barok’s people’s harvest period, or it shall reap and eat their very bodies. Your preparation pays off as across the glade flies the ferocious species, ready for an attack. Before the giant bird can incinerate both you and Barok alive, you are able to pummel without pause its dingy beak and head, whereupon you instantly kill the beast that has plagued the land for years.
The entire village breaks into a victorious revelry after the demise of the feared monster. Barok and his people can enjoy their produce quite for themselves. Henceforth, Barok and his queen, Gundina, can run Baroklandia happily, tranquilly, and you have made all possible through time warp.

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