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Saturday, October 11, 2008

the force

I believe in God because it could not have been that I just came about on earth just like that. There must be some higher force that prevailed for me to emerge into this world. Most importantly, in doing so, that force has a purpose. I believe in God because I can explain the things beyond my control as those that only a Supreme Being could have maneuvered.
I am not hindered from believing in God because why would I, when the things that go against my will could not have done so without the intervention of that higher force I believe to exist? I will only oppose myself if I stubbornly believe that things happen by accident. My mind and heart point to some purposeful God in looking for explanations to things happening around me. And because God’s power is beyond my imagination, I want Him to have a special place in me not so much as to have His special power but to feel secure as I fulfill whatever mission He incorporates in my life. Yes, there is much space in my life which God can occupy and I always try to open this up for His revelation.
There are many instances in which God reveals His presence. There are the times that I am so delighted that things have prevailed to my side. I know in my heart that I did so not solely because of my own intellect or pure strength but because God assisted me. Why should I when I cannot rely on my own wisdom? God helped me fulfill things because He knows these are special to me, and He gives them to me as blessings. But these good times are not the only ones in which I feel God’s presence because I feel Him most in times of tribulation. Whenever I am tested for my patience, faith or some other virtue, I feel that God does not abandon me because He knows me, He knows my weaknesses and He will not forsake me in times that I feel tempted to give up. God does not leave my side during trying experiences because I cannot trust my own strength in battling out evil that attempts to sway my belief away from God.
However I put my full trust in God, I am in a continuous process of perfecting so. Hence, it is not always that I do it 100%. As a result, I sometimes feel doubt, which is that foremost hindrance that I want to remove from myself. I want to take doubt away from me because it is just futile to maintain this. I should not disillusion myself that I can trust alone my strength or intellect. I will only fall victim to the temptation of evil. What I should do instead is to ask God for forgiveness for not relying on Him on these doubtful times. Also, I should humbly accept the flawlessness of my humanity so God will come to me and help me draw enough strength to resist and overcome the problems I experience for the time being. Finally, I should sustain my faith in God because by giving God a special place in me, I entrust Him my whole being, I become one with Him in performing a sacrifice and I put action to my responsibility of believing the only Force that can transform my life into something with fullness and desirability. I sincerely hope that the Force be with me.

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