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Friday, September 12, 2008

goodies in hoodies

On my way to my Chaucer class, I suddenly craved for red sago “na distilled naman ang water” because I had just eaten skewered chicken entrails dipped in chili vinegar. I passed by the Shopping Center, where I noticed the advertisement below:

No, I took notice but my purpose was not the usual maligning of grammar or the celebration of wordplay. Reminiscent of that classic Albatross deodorizer ad, I looked for the bird—I mean, at the boy. If only for this boyish-looking mestizo, I’m doing this free online promotion. The product price is most probably affordable because of the target student market, but model is not included.
I already have a UP Maroons jacket, which draws the envy and much pestering from friends who covet it. That means I didn’t have to buy one from the marketer only because the ad model is cute or something. However, if only I came across the ad before August, I would have ordered one for Pangga as a gift for his birthday. As it is, I already purchased a gift of a UP jacket—one that celebrates UP’s 100 years of existence as the country’s premier university—and see how it looks good on him:

I love the UP Centennial jacket, wearer included.


  1. o wey-ter, paor-der!

  2. wag mong sabihing xl na iyan, kundi lulupasay ako.

  3. hahahaha. diablo, first time ko mag-post ng comment sa sariling blog ko. kumusta naman ang self-reflexivity at metafiction? hindi naman xl ang suot ni pangga, medium-sized jacket yan. mas cute nga ang mga xl e kasi maraming variety. no reason to throw a fit:)

  4. Anonymous11:47 PM

    eh ang pangit ko naman dyan eh. Lumitaw ang pagkatabain ko dyan. retake tayo ng pic nyan, ayan tuloy may nagsabing xl daw yan ang size ko? huhu...