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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

another letter to a young student

My dear student,
The best way for me to begin this letter is to comment on the miniature stars crowding the top and bottom parts of the pages. They’re lovely, aren’t they? They seem to wink when I run my eyes across their section or when I move the paper in a seesaw manner. Try to do what I just did and do not mind the ensuing hysterical laughter around you.
I find these stars a perfect analogy for those twinkling above us, and those sparkling amid us. The stars in the sky never fail to capture our collective imagination, what with the love, the hope, the beauty they inspire in us whenever we allude to them. In the same manner, the stars in our midst bloom like a million varicolored flowers, beautifying the earth with the humanity of their character. My dear student, you are one of them.
It’s not always that I come across with people like you whose star-like qualities are affective enough to ripple change in my life. Of course, none of us must be too naïve to decide that I’m referring to qualities that penetrate Starstruck or Star Circle Quests. Think of the times when we, your teachers, would rave at your dazzling model looks, and you hilariously admit, albeit self-deprecatingly, that the gorgeousness would last an hour before you finish studying, after which your appearance would resemble someone who just staggered out of a storm. Or when you were in the thick of a verbal test, I would whisper that you check my socks, and you whisper back that I check your socks, and we would almost fall from our seats discovering that we had on striped socks the colors of the rainbow. I have often believed myself to have prodded the funny side in you. Henceforth, I feel comfortable teaching you, because who wants to spend a fraction of his short life dealing with a moody student with chronic hemorrhoid? If only for that, I thank you.
May your tribe increase so that the funniness will shoot manifolds. This world so grim and gloomy needs something to perk it up and it does not take long for one to realize that the heavenly stars being away, the terrestrial stars like you are the ones this world can depend on for light, glitter and life.

Truly yours,
Little Gapanese

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