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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

and the best visitor is...

If humans weren’t warm-blooded mammals, I would never release my usual combativeness at people. However, it occurs to my head that in the irritating presence of uncultured animals, it is but justifiable to show verbal violence instantly if it calls for barbarism and degeneration.
When a human-masked simian derided the USSC borrower’s slip by deluding he could “take out” the conference hall (like a boxed doughnut from the counter) because he “could use it”, I relented myself from prickling him and shrieking, “To hell with you, marmoset! Is the word “borrow” limited to just using something outdoors or anywhere except its point of origin?” I composed my bosom’s mad surges, reverberating, “I juggle in mind better things to work upon than pay this fool my rare attention!” only when he nonchalantly asked me if he could destroy the properties then that he could borrow the hall did I finally blow my top and curse him, spewing out, “Do you think it is freedom, huh? If you cannot make use of properties (I should have said tiny brain, if ever there was) properly, you are most appropriate to get lost!” Thanks to spontaneity, it rendered him mute and defenseless.
To sublimate my outburst of emotion, I recollected in deep silence the ideally humane USSC visitors, synchronously erasing the most forgettable from the roll. By virtue of reciprocated human civility (promise, no personal prejudices nor all-time favorite), I enlist Karlo on top. How come he leads?
Karlo exudes the maximum absorbed culture he has acquired in his youth: home, school, wheresoever. He does not boast of what he abundantly possesses (intelligence, skills, not to mention DNA) nor does he try to give you hints about all these. When he enters the portals of this office all by his lonesome or, often, with Kuya Bryan, he will, in a soft-spoken voice tone, seek permission before sitting in front of the computer to play interactive video games or summon who else to provide public affairs-related data. Also, he is not a know-it-all, meaning he talks of and accepts bright ideas. Aren’t these reasons valid enough to put Karlo first among the roster of good visitors?
Now I pray Karlo won’t sojourn here in the USSC, this time wildly deranged as to grab the Office’s computers then, in his undefined upset, smash them forcefully the floor one by one.

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