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Sunday, November 11, 2007

timezone, minus pangga

after having dropped by at my student lor's place where i fetched two chocolate bars from hong kong and an ang pao worth a unit at the graduate school, i went to see donita horse in gateway where we would hang out at timezone. it was my first time to be playing there without my pangga, so i was somewhat sad. he got to text me, though, so he eventually learned that i won in the trivia game but without his inspiration, i didn't manage to win jackpot prizes. i had to settle for a few tickets, which donita had exchanged for a violet watch and multi-colored ballpens. she gave me one of her eight-colored writing tools so i could deal with different kinds of papers without having to pick up various shaded pens or to grow mutant arms to handle imperial purple, grass green and infrared ones.
we had a chance to sing at a videoke booth, so we belted out covers including kenny rankin's "hiding inside myself" and martin nievera's "each day with you" (the lyrics of which remind me of my first pangga who deliberately omitted the part following "you give my heart a source of inspiration...," fell silent and turned to working on origamis. i found out that the next lines read: "your beauty is beyond imagination"). beauty seems to be the motif of the hour, as i did covers of fra lippo lippi's "beauty and madness" and celine dion's "beauty and the beast." pangga texted that i should get a hundred percent for singing the latter, to which i replied, "do i get 50% for your beauty and 50% for my beastliness?" he chuckled. donita wanted to sing cristina aguilera's "beautiful," but not having found it, insisted on singing the ballroom staple "time of my life." it must be her characteristic blunder working, since when the machine blared, greenday's "time of your life" rent the air.
it can't be that i won't croon bonnie bailey's "ever after," for that is my and my pangga's theme song. donita was surprised to hear me sing it without the aid of the lyrics, which were frustratingly absent in the videoke machine's monitor. i had to restrain myself from mimicking beyonce's energetic moves while performing the house music. donita was determined to share the theme song with me and my pangga. i could smile. many gays find "ever after" as befitting love theme. why not, when in the midst of heterosexual domination, homophobia and incredulity over lasting gay relationships, we're still humans who won't stop believing a happy ending with each other? i felt relieved, despite pangga's absence. he's far, but then, he's ever so close.:)

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  1. blue_seraph9:27 PM

    Pangga, beauty 50? and beast 50? Where so equal. mwahh