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Monday, November 26, 2007

dear sir

let me share to you a letter i received today from a former world literature student who insisted that i open it long after he's out of sight. the content of the epistle echoes the words i've gotten from students for the past seven years of my teaching. to you, g.r., and the rest of the students whose lives i touched in ways i could not imagine, you inspire me into becoming a better practitioner of my craft each new day.


November 21, 2007
9:00 P.M.

Sir Minor,

It’s been three months since I decided to write a letter that contains my gratitude for your understanding of all my predicaments. I truly appreciated it. However, I did not do the letter because I did not want you or even my classmates to think that my intention was completely for the sake of my grades. I had attempted three times to send an e-mail but all failed; I had searched for your phone number but I lost it (now I have it already). Today, I know that this would be the perfect time to express my gratitude…to say THANK YOU!!! I am lucky to have met you and so much proud that I became your student—my tuition was not in vain…it’s worthy!
You’ve changed my point of view about this school and about the professors. I do admire your pure and ardent desire for teaching without asking anything in return.
Your passion for teaching is undoubtedly real; your wisdom mirrors how God blesses you; your commitment resembles how God loves you; your methods in teaching reflect how God guides you; and your principle is a path that I must follow—for it will guide me to the fulfillment of my dreams.
I know that this letter is not enough to compensate your kindness. I myself cannot even express exactly what I really want to say—it is an ineffable emotion that only you can comprehend.
But one thing is for sure: I am one of your students who admire you and will continuously admire you.


  1. poetry reading tau ha.

  2. blue_seraph9:25 PM

    Nakakatouch naman, pangga. hehe