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Thursday, September 24, 2009

wives gaining ground: an analysis

As suggested by “Wives as Primary Breadwinners,” the revolutionary trend of married women joining the labor force points to the increasingly becoming equal market responsibility between wives and husbands. As wives earn as well as or even more than husbands do, not only are wives able to pursue their own careers and to augment the household income, but also are they able to create a market niche for home products and services conventionally attributed to women. At the rapid rate this trend is going, working wives will soon comprise a significant market segment for the company’s manufactured electronics, wristwatches and home appliances.
With more wives earning from legitimate jobs but still continuing to run domestic affairs, the fast and efficient two-in-one microwave oven is their fitting cooking partner. This automatic combined microwave oven and traditional oven caters to such marketing sub-segments defined by factors like primary breadwinning, employment environment, education level and occupation type. Target primary breadwinners contribute to the house income such that this becomes a factor in deciding the purchase of home products and services. Target wives employed away from home have less controllable time and have longer workdays. Meanwhile, target wives with complete college education compose the biggest chunk of the population. More than the previous three, the target sub-segment comprised by professionals is an ideal one, considering the higher pay professionals get and, therefore, the greater purchasing power they wield. While the major development lately has more married women participating in the labor force, these same women still dominate the household. Hence, not only will these women be attracted to the multi-function kitchen appliance with unique features and standard accessories, but also will they be capable of buying the same. Currently, the professionally-compensated wives are numerous enough to sustain a market for this double microwave oven in the future, and their domestic stints attest to the accessibility of these women target segments.

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