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Saturday, July 11, 2009

the only instance to favor cha-cha

“Completing the Picture of Cha-Cha” is a return to the 1987 constitution, assessing the current proposals for a shift in government form, completing the picture and fetching possible responses. The review of the existing supreme laws of the land reveals its unique features such as economic nationalism, social justice, separation of powers and the like to be somewhat flawed. Thus, the parliamentary and federal forms of government are being evaluated for their viability as substitute for the current presidential form. As it is, charter change is a serious responsibility that entails long discussions by convention participants, extensive consultation with the Filipino electorate, a reasonable critique, preparation for a building of general opinion, and founded on the fundamental knowledge of the most number of Filipinos possible. The probable responses include education, awareness raising, debates and discussions, concerned Filipinos hindering politicians from pursuing their naked motives through manipulation of deliberations and constitutional amendments in lieu of radical revision.
The article merits a commendation for delving into a subject that will favor the average Filipino. I dare say that indeed, not all Filipinos know a substantial deal regarding the charter, much less recognize the benefits and implications of the basic laws of the country in their civil lives. It greatly fascinates me to be living in a very interesting time when a major change in our government structure provides a variety of possible improvements in the lives of the Filipinos in general. The study of options representing other government forms and the benefits which may be derived from them creates a leeway to analyze if indeed, we need cha-cha to alter our civil lives. There seems to be more fuss about cha-cha today unlike in previous years, so there also seems a consensus that a shift in government is acceptable if only to improve our living just for once. If experts see the constitution as riddled with mistakes, then it is for the better if they propose amendments which we, the people, will approve through an non-railroaded constituents’ assembly.
It is recommended that a charter change be considered if only because the 1987 constitution is increasingly becoming obsolete and we cannot afford to follow laws that will further embed us in degenerative idealism and historical impracticality. The study of structural alternatives must be put to prime so that the presidential form of government, if in any way less pragmatic, may be changed. Also, self-serving politicians should be cautioned for fear that they pervert the deliberation of cha-cha to their advantage. Seeing the whole scenario helps in pinpointing what aspects of our laws must be rectified and the democracy that we are should remain vigilant in order to safeguard our rights and freedoms, for which the constitution exists to begin with.

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